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Inductees into the Global Business Hall of Fame by JA Worldwide for 2023

The Global Business Hall of Fame, presented by JA Worldwide, is a digital showcase that honors entrepreneurs and business leaders from various industries and sectors. It aims to inspire young people by sharing the stories and achievements of these influential figures. The Hall of Fame recognizes both established leaders and innovative individuals who have made significant contributions to the business world while also prioritizing social values and global impact.

The 2023 laureates include Aline Flores from Honduras, who is dedicated to sustainable development, gender equity, and youth leadership; Khalid Waleed Al Kudhair from Saudi Arabia, the founder of Glowork, which promotes gender diversity in the workforce; Shiza Shahid from Pakistan, a social entrepreneur and women’s rights advocate who co-founded the Malala Fund; and William Schawbel from the USA, an entrepreneur and social entrepreneur focused on education, entrepreneurship, and diversity.

The nomination process for the Global Business Hall of Fame involves diverse stakeholders and follows strict protocols to ensure fairness and transparency. PwC, the Global Process Integrity Partner, oversees the evaluation, selection, and voting process, ensuring adherence to the Hall of Fame’s standards.

JA Worldwide, the organization behind the Hall of Fame, is a leading global NGO that provides immersive learning experiences in entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial health to over 15 million young people annually. With extensive reach and experience, JA Worldwide aims to empower the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

The Global Business Hall of Fame serves as a platform to celebrate outstanding individuals and inspire young minds to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations while making a positive impact on society.


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