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Oracle Creator Larry Ellison Visits Microsoft for Cloud Announcement

Larry Ellison, the co-founder, chairman, and CTO of Oracle, made a significant visit to Microsoft’s headquarters, marking a surprising moment in the long-standing competition between the two tech giants. Ellison and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined forces to announce an expansion of collaboration between Oracle and Microsoft.

The key development is Oracle placing its Exadata hardware, which houses servers for databases and storage, inside Microsoft’s Azure data centers, where the Azure public-cloud service is hosted. This move enables organizations to utilize Oracle’s database software through Azure, eliminating the need for installing Oracle hardware in their own data centers or using Oracle’s public cloud. Placing Oracle equipment in Azure data centers facilitates faster access to data stored in Oracle databases.

The collaboration is seen as a strategic move to help organizations accelerate the migration of their workloads from on-premises data centers to the public cloud, leveraging Azure’s mature and extensive cloud infrastructure.

While Oracle and Microsoft will continue to compete in the cloud-based infrastructure market, this collaboration underscores Oracle’s intention to retain its customer base even as they adopt other cloud providers. It also highlights the growing importance of cloud partnerships in the tech industry as organizations seek seamless integration and multi-cloud solutions.

Larry Ellison’s visit to Microsoft’s headquarters was a noteworthy moment in the tech industry, underscoring the evolving dynamics of competition and cooperation among tech giants like Oracle and Microsoft, who, despite their rivalry, find common ground in certain strategic initiatives.

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