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‘Made on iPad’ Custom Designed Nike Shoes Displayed by Apple CEO Tim Cook

The boss donned a unique Air Max 1 for the iPad event that took place today.
Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, debuted his new iPad lineup today while sporting a unique pair of sneakers. The tech magnate put on a unique Air Max 1 ’86 that Nike designed specifically for Cook using an iPad Pro and the company’s very first Apple Pencil Pro.

The sneakers have a white top, a multicolored speckled mudguard, and an outline of the Swoosh surrounded by Apple’s classic rainbow color scheme. A gum sole is also present. The classic Nike emblem is positioned beneath the words “Made on iPad” on the tongue tag.

Although the two businesses have been working together since 2006, when they introduced Nike+ performance chips that tracked athlete performance from a device implanted inside sneakers’ midsoles, this is the first time an official Apple Nike sneaker has ever been created. Recently, Apple and Nike collaborated to create co-branded Apple Watches. Apple had its own line of branded sneakers in the 1990s, which are now auctioned off for thousands of dollars, long before it partnered with Nike.

The Apple CEO’s sneakers are immediately at the top of every shoe dog’s and Apple collector’s must-have list, with features like an Apple Pencil-inspired Swoosh and “Made on iPad” scribbled on the tongue.

But for the unveiling of Apple’s M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro, these sneakers are entirely exclusive. These extremely valuable Nike Air Max 1 ’86s won’t be available in shops or online anytime soon. They won’t be sold, according to sources; they were developed just to showcase the new iPad assortment.