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NVIDIA and Amdocs to Speed up the $1.7 Trillion Telecom Industry’s Adoption of Generative AI

Amdocs and NVIDIA will accelerate the use of Generative AI. Making Use of NVIDIA DGX Cloud

Amdocs and NVIDIA today revealed that they will be working together to optimize large language models (LLMs) in order to accelerate the adoption of generative AI services and applications in the $1.7 trillion media and telecoms sectors.

As part of the Amdocs amAIz framework, Amdocs and NVIDIA will customize enterprise-grade LLMs operating on NVIDIA accelerated computing. Through this partnership, communications service providers will be able to quickly implement generative AI use cases across a variety of business domains, including network provisioning and customer interactions.

Amdocs will enable flexible adoption methods and work to ensure that service providers may easily and safely employ generative AI applications by utilizing NVIDIA DGX Cloud AI supercomputing and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

Building on the previously announced Amdocs-Microsoft alliance, the collaboration with NVIDIA is in line with Amdocs’ aim to advance generative AI application cases throughout the industry. These applications can be implemented by media and service providers in safe and reliable settings, both on-site and in the cloud.

With the help of these new features, which include guardrail functionality and the NVIDIA NeMo framework for developing custom LLM applications, service providers can take advantage of improved speed, efficient resource use, and adaptable scalability to meet present and future demands.

According to Amdocs Management Limited president and CEO Shuky Sheffer, “NVIDIA and Amdocs are partnering to bring a unique platform and unmatched value proposition to customers.” “We feel that we have an unmatched offering that is both future-ready and value-additive for our customers by combining Amdocs’ industry-first amAlz AI framework with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge AI infrastructure, software, and ecosystem.”

According to Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, “enterprises are looking for the fastest, safest path to apply generative AI to boost productivity across a broad range of industries.” “Our partnership with Amdocs will assist telco service providers in analyzing and streamlining their operations, as well as automating personalized assistants, service ticket routing, and other use cases for their billions of customers.”

More than 350 of the largest media and telecommunications organizations in the world, including 27 of the top 30 service providers globally, are Amdocs clients.(2) Amdocs platforms influence over 3 billion individuals globally with over 1.7 billion digital journeys every day.

By offering safe, affordable, and high-performance generative AI capabilities, NVIDIA and Amdocs are investigating a variety of generative AI use cases to streamline and enhance operations.

The company’s data is utilised to expedite the settlement of consumer inquiries in the initial use cases related to customer service. Concerning network operations, the firms are investigating ways to pro-actively produce solutions that assist with configuration, coverage, or performance problems as they emerge.

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