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In Europe, Daikin expects heat pump sales to double

Daikin, the Japanese manufacturer, has set ambitious sales targets of JPY4,550 billion ($32.5 billion) for 2025, driven by growing demand for heat pumps in Europe and a booming air conditioning market in India. To support its growth plans, Daikin has committed JPY800 billion ($5.7 billion) to capital investment and JPY390 billion ($2.8 billion) to research and development over the next three years.

Daikin aims to secure the dominant number-one position in the European heat pump market and expand its presence in the US, China, and other countries through heat pump conversion projects. Sales of its Altherma heat pumps in Europe are projected to more than double from JPY260 billion to JPY600 billion in 2025. Furthermore, the company anticipates an increase in European air conditioner sales from JPY650 billion to JPY800 billion in the same period.

Recognizing the potential of the Indian market, Daikin plans to establish an additional manufacturing plant in the country to cater to the growing demand for air conditioning equipment. By positioning India as an export base to the Middle East and Africa, Daikin aims to leverage India’s rapid market growth and make it a cornerstone of its global strategy.

Daikin also emphasizes its commitment to environmental sustainability, continuing efforts to transition to R32 refrigerant and develop equipment using natural refrigerants such as R290 propane or CO2. In North America, the company aims to become the leading air conditioner manufacturer in terms of sales by 2025, focusing on environmental premium products and leveraging its core technologies.

Overall, Daikin’s strategic plans encompass global expansion, innovation in refrigerants, and a strong emphasis on sustainability, positioning the company for growth in key markets and industries.

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