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Daniel Fincham | The Odyssey of Perpetual Success

Daniel Fincham: The Odyssey of Perpetual Success

Why am I different? Why don’t I connect with the world? Why am I behaving like I am? Why do I self-destruct? Why do I think like I do? Why do I rebel? Why do I hurt?

I’ve spent most of my years asking those questions, accepting my lack of answers, and waiting for them to find me. What found me was total chaos.

Sat, emptier than the cell I had been confounded, I had a choice. Start to live, in life’s presence, or journey out of this world. The prison cell I sat in was nowhere near as harrowing as the cell in which my thoughts would bounce around. Continuous, consistent and exhausting. Being the third time in a cell, I didn’t even try and pretend this was my rock bottom. Experience has proven that wrong many a time. And I can now confidently say that you’ll only know you’ve hit the dregs when you’re looking down at them. My name is Daniel. I am an addict. Words that only now ring true in my ears.

At 36, I was a VP at a software company that I’d grown up with. To most, I would have been viewed as successful. I excelled in education, sport, have great friends and come from a loving family. After travelling the world, I landed in Copenhagen; found my career and a place to be at my happiest. In reflection, that this was a foreign residence seems more likely hiding than a happy place. Having met my wife on holiday, I moved back to the UK, and in the following 10 years, we married, had 3 wonderful children and built a dream house.

I’d never felt comfortable in my own skin and had been drinking to negate worry, anxiety or focus on where I was going or where I belong. I couldn’t connect with a purpose or what life was about, so I just let it take me where it would. When I reached the finished line, there was no celebration. The goalposts just moved. I was exhausted and took off the mask. Before I had a chance to even breathe, I was hit by the tirade of bullets I’d missed from the comfort of my hiding place. But as I took cover, the airstrike would, this time, ensure I had no safety, and I would be ripped apart to the point of submission. Almost.

Rehab, redundancy, divorce and multiple times of sanctuary in hospital and jail all haunted me for the next 9 months. In June 2020, at 37, I made it to recovery and in 2022 we launched Recoverlution.

Recoverlution started as I entered my own personal recovery, a truly enlightening and life-changing experience. I realised that life doesn’t end when you finally admit you’re suffering from addiction and crawl into recovery; it starts.

Initially, I found unquantifiable value in the continued connection and support from other addicts in recovery. I noticed, and continue to recognise, a significant lack of a dedicated platform glueing it all together.

Recoverlution started as a journal, turned into a blog, evolved into a website, and is transcending into a Platform that connects and shines a light on the wonderful world of recovery. Breaking down the stigma with a platform that embraces our individuality helps us to continue to grow and empowers online communities to flourish.

Recovery is a journey, a timeless path to where we belong. Recoverlution is driven by everything and everyone that got me here. And here I plan to stay. Recovery is unique, there any multiple pathways to recovery, and yet they are often unknown or inaccessible. We are shining a light on recovery and its transformational power to change lives whilst providing the eco-system for anyone to find and connect with the people and support they need.

As VP of Customer Success at ZMags, a SaaS digital experience platform, I’ve grown up with technology and was part of the SaaS boom. I was there for over nine years, progressing into various customer experience roles, and was based for four years in Denmark before moving to London and travelling between our Boston and European offices.

I’ve always been passionate about technology. The way it can improve a process can bring to life innovation and its ability to help and serve people at scale.

As a recovered alcoholic, who lost everything along the way to rock bottom, I was picked off the floor by the recovery community. As I found my own path, I couldn’t believe that there was no dedicated platform for our recovery community. So, 6 weeks into my own recovery, I used my background to start Recoverlution. Recoverlution proposes a pioneering approach to addiction recovery – an ‘AI Journey For Recovery.’ This innovation seeks to revolutionize the path to recovery by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our existing platform to create personalized recovery routes. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, this unique tool uses AI algorithms to map out individualized recovery plans grounded on each user’s unique persona and behavioural patterns derived from their interaction with the Recoverlution system.

We are connecting and supporting the 100 million people recovering from addiction around the world. We have built a digital home for recovery. By bringing together content, connection, and wellness, we are able to tailor a journey that brings people into recovery sooner and for longer.

With a growing membership, we are now focused on connecting the eco-system to holistically understand user behavior and reduce relapse rate whilst improving wellbeing. As the universal technology adopted by the industry, we can deliver an AI-driven recovery journey for our members. Understanding the most successful ways of recovery to tailor e every member’s journey and give them the best chance of success.

There are so many ways to recover, and so many wonderful people and services delivering recovery that we are just the ones allowing that to happen online and using technology to connect people with people, services, wellness, content, and anything else that keeps people well. We are the glue, the tree of information, that people can pick and choose from.

We are only as strong as the members in our platform. The key to our success is fostering brand loyalty with our members so that we grow inside out. We rely on our members to know, like and trust us enough to invite their friends, peers and communities to the platform. As our own community flourishes, its been important to understand the digital challenges of the services providers in space, and we are now committed, with development partnerships, to ensure we deliver a universal technology for the addiction space. From there, we are able to look after each and every member, providing holistic insights, offering all the available services and connecting the communities to support each other. The power to recover is very much in the relationships and support you build around you.

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