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Emily Hartstone

Emily Hartstone: An Inspiration for Emerging Entrepreneurs Aligning Value with Work

With over a decade of diverse experience in business management, events, sales, and marketing, Emily Hartstone’s journey is marked by resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From her beginnings as a professional equestrian to navigating a diagnosis of leukemia, Emily’s path has been shaped by unexpected challenges and transformative moments.

For more than ten years, Emily worked in the big offices of American businesses. She often felt like she couldn’t make important decisions for the company. She wanted to do meaningful work, but she faced obstacles all the time. This made her feel conflicted because she had good job offers elsewhere.

She stayed loyal, but eventually, she couldn’t resist the urge to do work that matched her values. So, she took a chance and started her own company called From The Hart Management, LLC. Now, she can do work that matters to her, helping clients who want to make a positive difference.

The Journey to Meaningful Work

Emily’s journey took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with leukemia, halting her career as a professional equestrian and redirecting her focus towards medical challenges. Amidst this transformative period, fate intervened, leading her to assist in planning a large convention in Las Vegas despite having no prior experience in event planning. Desperate for a new path, Emily embraced the opportunity to earn income, unaware that it would ignite her entrepreneurial spirit. She quickly rose through the ranks, transitioning to a Fortune 500 fitness franchise under the leadership of a dynamic CEO.

Inspired by his audacity and determination, Emily committed herself to exceeding expectations and achieving remarkable milestones. Motivated to make a difference, she later joined a nonprofit management company, eventually rising to the position of Vice President, where she absorbed knowledge and experience until she felt compelled to start her own venture.

Leadership Principles for Success and Innovation

As the CEO of From the Hart Management LLC, Emily leads using a servant leadership style, which focuses on putting the needs and development of her team first. She believes that true leadership involves serving others, helping them grow, and creating a culture of teamwork and respect.

Transparency is a key principle in Emily’s leadership approach. She believes in being open and honest with her team and involving them in decision-making processes. This creates trust and accountability within the organization, helping everyone work together towards shared goals.

Empathy is another important principle for Emily. She makes an effort to understand each team member’s unique perspective and experiences, creating a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged to contribute.

Continuous learning and growth are also emphasized by Emily. She encourages her team to take on challenges, learn from their experiences, and embrace innovation. This mindset of growth inspires creativity and improvement within the organization.

Overall, Emily’s leadership is focused on serving others, building trust and collaboration, and empowering individuals to succeed. Through these principles, she aims to create a culture of excellence and innovation at From The Hart Management, driving success and making a positive impact in the industry.

Transition to Coaching and Speaking Engagements

After receiving her diagnosis of Leukemia, Emily allowed herself a brief 48-hour period to feel sorry for herself. However, soon after, she began a deep journey of self-reflection, questioning why she was facing these challenges. Through this process, she came to a profound realization: perhaps, her experiences were meant to help her better understand and support others. Just as a restaurant owner might start by washing dishes or hosting, Emily recognized the importance of enduring hardships to truly empathize with and uplift those in need.

Balancing the struggles of battling Leukemia and Graves Disease alongside managing her businesses instilled in Emily a remarkable resilience. With a relentlessly positive mindset, she tackled challenges head-on, refusing to be deterred. Despite initial hesitation, she was encouraged by many to share her experiences through coaching and speaking engagements.

Over time, persistent encouragement convinced her to embrace this role. Today, she willingly shares her story with anyone who will listen, aiming to mentor young and aspiring entrepreneurs who may face setbacks on their path to success. Her passionate desire to help and inspire others drives her every day, fueling her sense of purpose.

At From The Hart Management, Emily and her team take pride in working with companies and nonprofit organizations that share their values and are dedicated to making a positive impact. Knowing that she is playing her part in making a difference gives Emily the strength to face each new day with determination and continue her fight.

Finding Strength in Making a Difference

A significant source of Emily’s resilience comes from knowing that her story makes a difference in others’ lives. However, she also understands the importance of being honest and transparent in interviews, presenting a balanced view of her experiences. Life has its challenges, and there are moments when Emily grapples with physical pain, finding comfort in solitude.

Emily believes it’s essential not to always project a facade of positivity. She acknowledges the reality of difficult moments and emphasizes the importance of self-care. A few years ago, she discovered The Silva Method while exploring self-help techniques. Incorporating this practice into her daily routine has been transformative, providing her with moments of mental respite from the burden of leukemia.

Despite the challenges Emily faces on paper, she persists in managing her businesses and navigating life’s obstacles. She wholeheartedly recommends The Silva Method to anyone dealing with health issues or mental and physical hurdles. It’s a powerful tool that has played a significant role in her journey, enabling her to surpass expectations and continue thriving.

Perspective on Learning from Setbacks

Emily advises aspiring entrepreneurs who aim to make a positive impact in their communities to stay focused despite the challenges they may face. She emphasizes the importance of tuning out negativity and persevering through setbacks. According to Emily, failures are valuable lessons that guide individuals towards eventual success. She encourages entrepreneurs to brush themselves off and keep moving forward, emphasizing that it’s the idea that may falter, not the person behind it.

In today’s world, Emily acknowledges the discouragement that comes from feeling stuck in a narrative where progress seems out of reach. She highlights the potential for positive change if each person commits to a simple act of kindness for their community every week. Emily believes that such small gestures could have a transformative ripple effect on society.

Despite the obstacles, Emily maintains faith in humanity’s ability to effect change. She believes that change is possible with concerted effort and determination, urging individuals to push beyond barriers to realize their collective potential.

Focus on Open Communication and Collaboration

Fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration within an organization is crucial for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced business world. Emily believes in prioritizing open communication throughout all levels of the organization. This allows team members to freely share ideas, concerns, and feedback without fear of judgment, building a culture of transparency and trust that supports collaboration.

Empowerment and autonomy are also key principles in Emily’s approach. By empowering employees to take ownership of their work and encouraging them to explore innovative solutions independently, as well as providing autonomy and trusting individuals to make decisions, creativity and initiative are nurtured.

Promoting diversity and inclusion is another essential aspect of Emily’s strategy. Actively seeking diversity in perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences enriches discussions and stimulates innovation. Creating an inclusive environment where all voices are valued ensures that everyone feels motivated to contribute.

Emily believes in embracing failures as opportunities for learning and celebrates success, regardless of size. Recognizing and celebrating achievements reinforces the importance of innovation and collaboration within the organization.

Vision for Connection and Support

Emily’s latest endeavor, HartCenteredLife™, is an online education platform dedicated to personal and professional transformation. It welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds who are seeking empowerment and growth. The platform offers empowering courses curated by industry experts, featuring video content and resources for ongoing learning. A key aspect of HartCenteredLife™ is its vibrant community, where members can connect with like-minded individuals, celebrate successes, and provide mutual support.

In addition to HartCenteredLife™, Emily has collaborated with Dorothee Kumpe, the founder and artist of Deep Purpose Jewelry, to launch HART’s Purpose™. This new line of jewelry supports leukemia patients, with a portion of proceeds dedicated to their cause. Emily and Dorothee have plans to expand this venture, including the development of “smart” jewelry for patients and other industries.

Emily remains dedicated to her foundation, EMPOWERThePATIENTS, in collaboration with Chaunsea Keller and her daughter Kenzie. Witnessing Kenzie’s medical challenges has inspired Emily to create a new initiative focused on advocating for pediatric patients and their families facing rare and autoimmune diseases. The foundation aims to provide support and guidance to families navigating the complexities of diagnosis and treatment, with a focus on reducing the average number of doctor visits required for accurate diagnosis.

Through these endeavors, Emily and her team are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by rare and autoimmune diseases, offering hope, support, and guidance throughout their healing journey.