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Amitkumar Shrivastava

Amitkumar Shrivastava: Pioneering Transformations in Technology

The technology industry stands as a cornerstone of modern innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible and reshaping the way we live, work, and interact with the world. In this dynamic landscape, individuals with a passion for technology and a commitment to driving positive change play a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry.

Amitkumar Shrivastava, a distinguished figure in technology leadership, has made significant contributions to the advancement of the field. Holding esteemed titles such as Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer and Fujitsu Fellow, his expertise and leadership have propelled him to the forefront of the industry, where he continues to drive innovation and inspire others to excel.

At the helm of Fujitsu, a renowned technology company known for its cutting-edge solutions and commitment to excellence, Amitkumar leads with a vision to harness the power of technology for societal impact. Through his dedication to advancing AI technologies, he exemplifies the company’s mission to create innovative solutions that address real-world challenges and drive sustainable growth.

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Transformative Journey in Technology

Amitkumar traces his fascination with technology back to his childhood experiences. Observing his father’s work within the electronics department of the railways sparked his initial curiosity. This interest was further ignited by the movie “Takedown,” which introduced him to the mysteries and potential of technology. During his first year at university, Amitkumar found himself captivated by the Linux and Unix black screens.

This fascination prompted him to install OpenBSD as the default operating system on his first desktop computer, an endeavor that proved both challenging and enlightening, ultimately solidifying his passion for computer science. Engaging in ethical hacking during this period honed his technical skills and fostered a keen interest in patterns and systems analysis.

His affinity for chess introduced him to game theory and strategic decision-making, concepts pivotal to artificial intelligence (AI). This convergence of interests naturally led him into machine learning and AI, where he began to recognize their potential for broader application and impact.

The transition from an enthusiast to a leader was a transformative journey marked by both joy and challenges. Early in his professional career, Amitkumar focused on automation, data analysis, and middleware technology, actively participating in production deployments.

By his fourth year, he assumed leadership responsibilities, guiding a team through new challenges and acquiring the nuances of effective leadership. Over time, he progressed to a technology leadership position, ultimately becoming the Head of AI at Fujitsu India.

Amitkumar played a pivotal role in establishing the AI team at Fujitsu India, which has since evolved into a beacon of AI talent within Fujitsu Global, making significant contributions to the company’s operations.

In recognition of his outstanding technical prowess and leadership skills, Amitkumar was appointed a Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer in 2021 and elevated to the prestigious title of Fujitsu Fellow in 2022.

These accolades are bestowed upon individuals who demonstrate exceptional technical acumen and leadership abilities, serving as ambassadors for the company and contributing significantly to Fujitsu’s strategic growth areas. Today, he leverages his expertise to benefit Fujitsu across various initiatives.

Amitkumar’s technology journey, characterized by curiosity and continuous learning, serves as a testament to how a passion for technology can evolve into a catalyst for transformative change within a global enterprise.

Driven by a commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible innovation for social, environmental, and economic good, Amitkumar aspires to impact numerous lives positively.

Navigating the Path of Technological Transformation

Amitkumar’s fascination with technology ignited at an early age, recognizing its potential for catalyzing improvement. Academic pursuits in Computer Science and Engineering, Advanced Computing, Computational Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence further deepened his interest, guiding him toward a career in technology and reinforcing his belief in its transformative power.

Recognizing his expertise and leadership potential, Amitkumar’s organization provided him with early opportunities for growth. Currently holding the esteemed titles of Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer and Fujitsu Fellow within Fujitsu’s global structure, these honors serve as a testament to his dedication to advancing technology leadership on a global scale.

Throughout his career, Amitkumar has maintained a steadfast vision of technology’s ability to address critical challenges. His focus on emerging technologies, coupled with an anticipation of their societal and business impacts, positions him to offer valuable insights.

With recent advancements in generative AI and quantum computing, he envisions significant potential for reshaping the future. Thus, his journey in technology leadership continues to evolve, with a focus on harnessing technology for the betterment of humanity.

Fostering Ethical Leadership in Technology

Amitkumar attributes his core leadership principles to his father, a retired railway engineer whose dedication to excellence and public safety profoundly influenced him. Upholding the values of transparency, integrity, and responsibility instilled by his father, Amitkumar emphasizes these principles within his professional endeavors.

In his capacity, transparency is a focal point, facilitated through open communication and trust-building within his team. Guided by innovation and a forward-thinking mindset, he recognizes the transformative potential of technology, which has been instrumental in successfully establishing an AI team in India. This early initiative positioned his organization as a pioneer in the field.

Amitkumar’s leadership style prioritizes adaptability and team empowerment. Creating an environment where team members are encouraged to take initiative, engage in open discussion, and lead projects is paramount. Delegating tasks and nurturing future leaders are integral aspects of his approach.

Additionally, drawing from lessons learned through observing his mother’s empathy during childhood, he incorporates empathy into his leadership style. These strategies have resulted in notably low attrition rates, reflecting the strength and satisfaction of the team dynamic.

Guided by these principles, current projects are approached, and strategies for future technological challenges are formulated. By combining a strong ethical foundation with proactive and innovative actions, Amitkumar ensures that technological solutions are robust, responsible, and aligned with the evolving needs of society.

Empowering Teams for Continuous Innovation

Amitkumar prioritizes fostering innovation and encouraging creativity within his teams with a multifaceted strategy.

Firstly, he promotes an environment where team members are actively encouraged to engage in research and development. This includes encouraging the authoring of papers on best practices, novel approaches, and significant findings, thus contributing to their personal growth and enhancing the collective knowledge of the team.

Regular collaboration is another cornerstone of Amitkumar’s innovation strategy. His teams are structured to facilitate regular connections where they can discuss and share learnings and best practices. This continuous exchange of ideas sparks creativity and builds a supportive community valuing each member’s contribution.

Furthermore, Fujitsu celebrates innovative efforts through initiatives such as the ‘First Penguin Award,’ which recognizes individuals who lead and implement new ideas first. This serves to motivate team members to become pioneers in their respective fields and reinforces a culture where innovation is acknowledged and rewarded.

Amitkumar’s teams also stay abreast of the latest industry innovations and trends. They are encouraged to explore these new technologies and concepts through prototypes or suggest them to customers after thorough research. This hands-on approach to emerging technologies ensures that they are not merely followers but leaders who effectively apply new ideas.

His team has experience in driving hackathons, participating in workshops and seminars, and leading sessions. These activities serve to sharpen their skills and keep them at the forefront of technology. Moreover, they maintain a robust feedback culture, ensuring continual learning, sharing, and evolution within the team.

Through these practices, Amitkumar maintains a dynamic environment within his team, where creativity is nurtured, innovation is a continual pursuit, and everyone is empowered to contribute to the evolving landscape of technology.

Driving Collaborative Innovation in AI and Technology

In his approach to collaboration, Amitkumar actively engages with industry leaders and organizations through multiple high-impact channels. He maintains connections with numerous national industry associations, actively participating in various national initiatives.

For instance, he offers his expertise as an Advisor for the National AI Programme on Skilling Framework.

Collaborating with industry experts from different organizations, he contributes to the development of new roles in generative AI, national occupation standards, and the design of course curriculums and certifications, all aimed at shaping the country’s future.

Amitkumar frequently shares his expertise at leading technology and leadership conferences, leveraging these platforms to establish meaningful partnerships that drive technological advancements. Additionally, he serves on the selection panel for the prestigious Industry Association AI Awards, identifying and amplifying AI innovations focusing on trust, emerging technologies, and sustainability.

Recognized by many reputed publications as a public figure and influential voice in technology and AI, his visibility enhances his ability to connect and collaborate effectively with other leaders, facilitating collaboration.

These collaborations not only broaden the collective knowledge but also accelerate the pace of technological progress in meaningful ways.

Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion for Innovation

Let’s delve into Fujitsu’s endeavors in this area to provide a comprehensive view rather than focusing solely on an individual perspective.

Fujitsu is deeply committed to advancing diversity and inclusion across all dimensions of its corporate culture. By FY2025, the company has set ambitious yet achievable goals, concentrating on creating an environment where all employees, regardless of age, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, identity, or ability, feel supported and respected. These goals are quantified, aiming to improve employee engagement scores significantly with respect for individuals and equal opportunity.

Gender parity, particularly in leadership roles, is a significant focus, with the aim of achieving a 20% representation of women in leadership positions. Additionally, Fujitsu prioritizes accessibility, ensuring that all solutions and communications are universally accessible, reflecting the company’s dedication to inclusivity at every touchpoint.

Moreover, Fujitsu’s global initiatives for culture and ethnicity and robust support for the LGBTI+ community through implementing the Fujitsu Workplace Equality Index (FWEI) demonstrate a comprehensive approach to diversity and inclusion.

These efforts go beyond mere compliance and are integral to Fujitsu’s vision of shaping an equitable and inclusive future. By promoting diverse workforces and embedding inclusive values, Fujitsu aims to enhance its organizational culture and drive innovation and sustainability in the tech industry.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values at Fujitsu because they unlock a broader range of perspectives and experiences, fueling innovation that benefits everyone. With a workforce that reflects the global community it serves, Fujitsu can develop genuinely inclusive technologies that address the needs of a broader range of users, thereby achieving sustainable success in the tech industry.

Vision, Courage, and Collaboration

For aspiring leaders in the tech industry, Amitkumar’s advice revolves around the importance of having a clear, actionable vision. This vision not only guides strategic decisions but also aids in overcoming challenges. It’s crucial to remain closely attuned to market trends and consistently upgrade skills in critical or emerging areas.

Leadership entails having the courage to make tough decisions, even those that defy conventional wisdom. However, this decisiveness should be balanced with strong emotional intelligence, which enhances communication and fosters collaboration. It’s essential to ensure that the diverse perspectives of your team are integral to driving innovation.

Additionally, actively building a professional network and seeking mentors for guidance is crucial. These relationships can provide invaluable insights and opportunities that accelerate personal growth. By integrating these elements—vision, ongoing learning, emotional intelligence, and networking—one can lead effectively and inspire a culture that thrives on innovation.

Balancing Act

Maintaining work-life balance requires disciplined effort. Effective time management is vital, and prioritization is crucial: ruthlessly identifying the most critical tasks and delegating or eliminating the rest. Leveraging technology with tools like calendars and project management apps helps optimize one’s schedule.

Setting clear boundaries around work hours is essential. However, it’s also important to recognize that sometimes, due to unavoidable reasons, work can infringe on personal time. During these periods, the support of family is invaluable.

For instance, apart from office work, Amitkumar contributes to the industry through various activities, often requiring him to extend work hours. His wife’s understanding and assistance enable him to manage these demands without undue stress. This support system is vital for maintaining balance and should be acknowledged.

Leading by example is essential. Encouraging the team to take breaks and prioritize well-being is crucial. Investing in oneself by scheduling time for enjoyable activities is also important. Remember, a healthy leader is a more effective leader.

Driving Innovation for Societal Impact

Amitkumar feels privileged to contribute to initiatives that have a tangible impact nationally and internationally. Recently, he supported the FutureSkills Prime project, which was recognized in the European Commission’s Pact for Skills report as a global best practice.

This recognition underscores the significance of collective efforts, including those of NASSCOM and other industry leaders, to upskill and reskill in ways that are aligned with job roles. Such achievements inspire him to continue driving initiatives positioning India as a leading digital nation, adept at addressing new technological challenges and leveraging opportunities for social good.

Looking ahead, Amitkumar’s goal is to further democratize AI, embed trust as a foundational element, and ensure its role in solving societal problems. Fujitsu has delivered over 7000 AI solutions to customers and is a pioneer in Supercomputers, contributing to advancements in Quantum Computing.

In addition to AI, his areas of interest include quantum computing and quantum machine learning. He is committed to strengthening connections with academia, prioritizing enriching the technological landscape and fostering innovation. Through these efforts, he aims to contribute to technology that advances industry and improves lives, emphasizing reliability, security, ethics, and benefit.