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Dr. Marisa López | Teijón

Dr. Marisa López-Teijón: A Crescendo of Innovation Harmonizing Life

The field of reproductive medicine is constantly evolving, with new advances being made all the time. In this ever-changing landscape, leaders in the field stand out as trailblazers and innovators. They are the ones who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and who are making it possible for more people to have the families they dream of.

Leaders in reproductive medicine are also working to raise awareness of the importance of reproductive health. They are educating the public about the risks of infertility, the benefits of early detection and treatment and the importance of access to quality reproductive health care.

The work of leaders in reproductive medicine is making a real difference in the lives of people all over the world. They are helping people to achieve their dreams of having families and they are improving the quality of life for people who are struggling with infertility or other reproductive health challenges.

Dr. Marisa López-Teijón stands out as a leader, trailblazer and innovator positioned at Institut Marquès. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Dr. López-Teijón has not only revolutionized the world of Assisted Reproduction but also championed the cause of abandoned embryos and environmental responsibility.

Her journey from being the Director of the renowned Institut Marquès to becoming the Strategic Innovation Advisor for FutureLife is a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to making a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals.

Institut Marquès is a renowned institution in the field of Assisted Reproduction, with a century-long legacy of excellence and innovation. Established in 1921, the clinic has been at the forefront of reproductive medicine, continuously evolving to provide cutting-edge treatments and personalized care to patients from around the world.

Dr. López Teijón’s exceptional contributions to the field of reproductive medicine have left an indelible mark on the industry. Her pioneering research, advocacy for abandoned embryos and commitment to environmental responsibility have made her a beacon of hope and inspiration for both her colleagues and patients alike. Through her continued dedication to innovation and patient-centric care, Dr. López-Teijón’s legacy will undoubtedly shape the future of reproductive medicine for generations to come.

Let’s delve into Dr. López-Teijón’s extraordinary journey, from creating a pioneering embryo adoption program to shedding light on the risks of environmental pollution on male fertility.

Stepping Stones

Dr. López-Teijón’s remarkable journey began in 2000 when she assumed the role of Director at the prestigious Institut Marquès, a center with a century-long legacy in the field of Gynecology and Assisted Reproduction.

In this leadership position, she spearheaded the institution’s R&D&I department, propelling it to the forefront of reproductive medicine through groundbreaking research and technological integration. Under her guidance, the clinic embraced cutting-edge technologies, making treatments more effective and patient-centric.

World of the Renowned

Institut Marquès is a world-renowned center for reproductive medicine with a legacy that spans over a century. Located in Barcelona, Spain, Institut Marquès has gained international recognition for its commitment to excellence and patient-centered care. With a team of highly skilled specialists, including the exceptional Dr. López-Teijón, the clinic has helped thousands of couples achieve their dreams of starting a family.

At the heart of Institut Marquès’ success lies its dedication to research and innovation. Over the years, the clinic has undertaken groundbreaking studies, such as Dr. López-Teijón’s research on the impact of music on embryo development. This pioneering work has revolutionized how Assisted Reproduction is approached, showcasing the clinic’s commitment to staying at the forefront of reproductive medicine.

Institut Marquès stands as a shining example of what is possible when passion, dedication and innovation converge in the field of reproductive medicine. With a legacy spanning generations and a commitment to shaping a sustainable and caring future, Institut Marquès continues to inspire hope and make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals seeking to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

Breaking Grounds

One of her pioneering areas of research delved into the impact of musical micro-vibrations in incubators during in-vitro fertilization, leading to a staggering 5% increase in fertilization rates.

Her ground-breaking study on ‘Fetal facial expression in response to intravaginal music emission’ garnered global acclaim and recognition, becoming the most downloaded study in Ultrasound, a prestigious journal published by the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS). In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field, Harvard University awarded her the esteemed 2017 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine, in the category of Obstetrics, making her the first gynecologist to be honored in the prize’s 27-year history.

Dr. López-Teijón stood at the podium, a sense of pride and accomplishment emanating from her as she received the Healthcare Excellence Prize from the Instituto para la Excelencia Profesional (IEP). The prestigious award is a testament to her unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence and her exceptional contributions to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The IEP, known for its stringent criteria, reserved the Healthcare Excellence Prize only for organizations and professionals who had achieved the pinnacle of healthcare standards. For Dr. López-Teijón and Institut Marquès, this recognition is a testament to their relentless pursuit of scientific and medical advances, professionalism in patient care and projects and dedication to health protection.

Seeding Success

As the Director of Institut Marquès, Dr. López-Teijón had been leading the clinic’s R&D&I department for over two decades, setting a high bar for innovation and cutting-edge research in the field of Assisted Reproduction. The IEP acknowledged her role as an exceptional researcher, placing her among the top 10% of the most influential researchers in the world. Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the field had earned her international recognition and respect.

In particular, Dr. López-Teijón’s work on the benefits of music at the beginning of life garnered widespread acclaim. The audience was reminded of the Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine she received at Harvard University in 2017. Her pioneering research in this area made her an international reference in Assisted Reproduction.

Different Horizons

The Healthcare Excellence Prize ceremony took place in the grand ballroom of the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, a fitting setting for honoring individuals who had made such significant contributions to the healthcare sector. The event was graced by the presence of the IEP Vice President of Honour, who presented the awards to the deserving awardees.

It was a gathering of visionaries and achievers, all of whom had contributed significantly to improving the healthcare landscape in Spain.

For Dr. López-Teijón, this award is a significant addition to her already illustrious curriculum. It is a testament to her commitment to the field of reproductive medicine. Her accomplishments extended far beyond the borders of Spain, as evidenced by her appointment as a full Academic Member of the prestigious Academia de las Ciencias Ramón y Cajal, where she was honored with the esteemed “Cordón y Pin Académico.”

As the ceremony came to a close, Dr. López-Teijón reflected on her journey and the support of her team at Institut Marquès. This recognition is not only a celebration of her individual achievements but also a testament to the collective efforts of the entire institution in striving for healthcare excellence.

A Golden Legacy of Excellence

With the Healthcare Excellence Prize now adorning her list of accolades, Dr. López-Teijón continued her quest for advancing the frontiers of reproductive medicine. Her dedication, vision and commitment to innovation ensured that she would remain a driving force in the field, inspiring generations of medical professionals and changing the lives of countless individuals seeking the gift of parenthood.

Her vision for innovation and continuous improvement has been embraced by the entire team at Institut Marquès, making it one of the leading centers for Assisted Reproduction in Europe.

Committing To Excellence

Dr. López-Teijón’s passion for making a difference extended beyond the laboratory. Her commitment to the plight of abandoned frozen embryos led her to establish the pioneering embryo adoption program in 2004. Through this visionary initiative, more than 2,000 children have been born, offering these precious embryos a new chance at life and bringing joy to many families.

Recognizing the pressing need to study male fertility, Dr. López-Teijón turned her attention to exploring the impact of estrogen disruptors on male reproductive health. Her research at Institut Marquès revealed a link between environmental pollution and declining male fertility, with variations observed across geographical regions. These findings shed light on the risks posed to embryo fertility, underscoring the importance of safeguarding the future of reproductive health.

Driven by a deep commitment to the well-being of patients and the environment, Institut Marquès launched ‘The Embryo Forest’ project in 2018. This Corporate Social Responsibility initiative involved planting a tree for every child born through their Assisted Reproduction treatments, contributing to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Institut Marquès’ commitment to quality, safety and transparency is reflected in the four generations of the Marquès family’s involvement in the clinic’s management. Dr. Borja Marquès, Dr. López-Teijón’s son, currently leads the institution, ensuring that the legacy of excellence and patient-centric care is upheld.

Out of the Ordinary

Technology has played a pivotal role in shaping Institut Marquès’ approach to patient care. Embracing cutting-edge innovations, the clinic has integrated music, telemedicine, virtual reality and mobile technology into its treatments.

The Embryomobile app, developed by the clinic, allows parents to closely follow their embryos’ progress in real-time, providing them with peace of mind and involvement in the process, regardless of their geographical location. Additionally, the clinic’s use of virtual reality technology, such as the Erotic Personal System for male patients, reflects its dedication to enhancing the patient experience and improving treatment outcomes.

Throughout her journey, Dr. López-Teijón remained steadfast in embracing innovation and cutting-edge technologies to enhance patient care.

Additionally, the clinic integrated telemedicine, enabling patients to virtually tour the facility and interact with their Dr.s through video conferencing. Notably, the clinic also prioritized the male experience during fertility treatments and introduced the innovative Erotic Personal System, aimed at improving sexual arousal and semen quality in male patients.

Going the Extra Mile

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. López-Teijón has been a vocal advocate for women’s equality, respect and recognition within her sector. She emphasized the importance of continuing to strive for progress and equality, challenging conventional norms and fostering creativity and curiosity in aspiring changemakers and impact leaders.

In the pursuit of its centenary milestone, the entire team at Institut Marquès remains devoted to maintaining its position as one of Europe’s leading Assisted Reproduction centers. Dr. López-Teijón’s unwavering dedication to excellence, personalized care and embracing innovation aligns perfectly with the clinic’s core values and mission to make every patient feel welcomed and special.

As Dr. López-Teijón now serves as the Strategic Innovation Advisor for FutureLife, her expertise and vision continue to shape the future of reproductive medicine. With her guidance, the clinic takes on new international projects, further expanding its reach and influence.Top of Form

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