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Christopher Carter, CEO

Christopher Carter: Pioneering SAP Solutions and Leading the Tech

The dynamic world of technology is closely related to the SAP ecosystem and software. SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) combines data and analytics, providing a cohesive, enterprise-focused and inclusive system for the complete SAP community, including customers and partners. The SAP ecosystem has witnessed a remarkable evolution, revolutionizing business operations across various sectors. SAP software offers comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that enable organizations to streamline their processes, manage data effectively and achieve digital transformation. With its global reach and extensive customer base, the SAP ecosystem is continually expanding, presenting both opportunities and challenges for businesses seeking SAP-driven efficiency.

Christopher Carter stands as a trailblazer in the SAP ecosystem. His pioneering contributions to the SAP ecosystem, coupled with his leadership at Approyo as the CEO, have solidified his reputation as an industry influencer. Through Approyo’s tailored solutions, commitment to customer success and culture of innovation, Christopher continues to shape the future of SAP-driven digital transformation. As Approyo evolves and expands its global footprint, Christopher’s vision and determination propel the company toward achieving new milestones while enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of SAP solutions.

Let’s delve into the path Christopher is paving his way and continuing to create opportunities with tech!

A Legacy of Achievements and Innovation

His journey commenced in 1984 when he acquired his first computer, a Commodore Vic20, igniting a passion that would shape his future endeavors. Sharing this experience, he shares, “My love for computers started at that point in time. I really loved my commodore and decided to start writing code.”

As he embarked on a path to becoming a computer engineer, Christopher’s fascination with SAP, cloud solutions and AI deepened, leading him to create multiple successful companies and forge lifelong connections within the industry. He feels blessed to be on the path and direction he chose back then. He also shares, “It is a part of that lifestyle that has taken me around the world. It has helped me create multiple companies and create lifelong friends.”

Christopher says, “I have been very blessed to be considered to be one of the first people to ever create an SAP solution in a cloud and also, to run that for a customer. When we did that over the Safire and a Sugg conference back in 1999 and into the 2000s recurrently, and I think that’s one of the reasons that makes us such a strong organization, our willingness to move forward. Along with this, our willingness to take that step forward, to really try harder than most organizations and people by really giving everything we have two a directive into the customers that we support in this incredible ecosystem.”

Christopher’s remarkable journey includes a series of pioneering achievements within the SAP ecosystem.

Empowering Organizations in the SAP Journey

At the forefront of this thriving ecosystem is Approyo, an organization that specializes in providing end-to-end solutions to support organizations throughout their SAP journey. Discussing their products and solutions, Christopher mentions, “Our products and solutions make it more beneficial for organizations to live and run their systems in their companies day-to-day. We address the needs of customers in several ways.”

From licensing and hosting to implementation and ongoing Application Management Services (AMS), Approyo offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. He also adds, “We provide them with the end-to-end ability to maintain, monitor and run their entire landscape and support them in a secured format. A crossed number of different infrastructure and third-party solutions sets out tools in our skills, leading them to the success they aspire.”

He believes in the power of teamwork; sharing this approach, he annotates, “I believe it starts with the executive team. We are a very innovative and creative group.” He holds the distinction of being one of the first individuals to create an SAP solution in the cloud, successfully implementing it for numerous clients. His groundbreaking work earned recognition and acclaim within the industry, establishing Approyo as a trusted name in SAP cloud solutions.

His aspirations for the team support the SAP implementation; Christopher considers teams should collaborate and mentions, “I want all of our staff to be that way now some may not be as creative as others; others may not feel comfortable, picking up and just taking off and being as creative as others. But yet, we want to foster that capability and that grows; we want to help individuals within the organization, to better themselves, to take more certifications, to take more classes to learn more, and to really take their careers and who they are to the next level.”

Approyo’s innovative approach to SAP implementation and management has earned the company a strong foothold in the market. Through its expertise in cloud computing, data management and artificial intelligence, Approyo delivers accurate insights and valuable solutions to real-world challenges faced by organizations in diverse industries.

Mission and Vision

Approyo’s mission revolves around providing unparalleled support to customers within the SAP ecosystem. The company’s dedicated team assists organizations at every step of their SAP journey, ensuring seamless integration, efficient operations and continuous improvement. By offering a comprehensive range of services, Approyo enables its clients to maximize the benefits of SAP solutions and drive their businesses forward.

Christopher says, “Our mission is to support any customer in the SAP ecosystem with our incredible team to support them from their license needs to their hosting and cloud support through their implementation into the ongoing day-to-day AMS. We provide organizations with the ability to have one organization support them on their end-to-end journey of SAP, and that is one of the truest and lifelong goals that any organization should have; who cares for their SAP journey.”

Approyo’s vision extends beyond mere implementation and management. The company aims to empower its customers with the tools, knowledge and support necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By offering end-to-end solutions, Approyo facilitates holistic growth, helping organizations leverage SAP to achieve their strategic goals and outperform their competition.

Leading with Dedication

As a business leader, Christopher exemplifies dedication and effective time management. Recognizing the demanding nature of his role, he invests long hours to drive Approyo’s success while ensuring that he remains available to his global team and clients. He considers this as a negative trait; Christopher states, “This is a horrible question for me because my time management leads to about 18 or 19 hours every day being a part of this company and then being able to share some time with my family who has grown and understands why I lead this company and what I want to do from a growth standpoint for our customers and our staff.”

Christopher’s commitment to being accessible across time zones highlights his deep sense of responsibility and his determination to provide unwavering support to both his employees and customers. One of the examples of Devotion to staff and company is when Christopher mentions, “I really am joking when I say I work 18–19-hour days, but it just feels that way because I will literally be on Kohl’s with our team members in India at 5 o’clock in the morning and I will be on calls with people throughout the United States and Europe, until eight 9 o’clock at night, and to be honest, I love it I love taking care in being a part of those organizations and helping them day in and day out.”

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

Approyo’s core values serve as the foundation for its success. The company believes in delivering optimal solutions that are specifically tailored to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Approyo recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach does not suffice. Therefore, they endeavors to provide customized solutions that align with each organization’s objectives and challenges and use a tool called overwatch that supports an entire landscape in absolutely everything they do. Overwatch is a tool manager that monitors and supports any size landscape, but again tailoring that to specific needs, not to what other organizations need.

The values that drive Approyo extend beyond its offerings. Christopher says, “The values that I use to drive this company are pretty simple. I want my team to feel empowered.” Christopher emphasizes fostering an environment where individuals feel inspired and motivated to excel. With a focus on continuous learning and personal growth, Approyo encourages employees to expand their skills through certifications and training programs, enabling them to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

He shares an example, “I want my team to feel that they can do the work that they need to do to make our customers and their landscape successful day in and day out; I want my executive team to lead by example. I hope the customers feel that we are a true part of their organization and that we take on the responsibility of they and them in a day-in and day-out basis; we’re here for them.”

Building a Strong Brand Image

Christopher says, “I think this is a critical question to ask because a brand and who we are in the marketplace is an interesting concept.” Approyo understands the Significance of a strong brand image in the marketplace and the impact it has on customer perception. He also emphasizes the significance of providing the best service and support to customers, ensuring a consistent experience from the executive suite to the helpdesk.

Approyo’s commitment to excellence permeates throughout the organization, with every team member dedicated to upholding the company’s brand reputation. From the top down, Approyo’s executives and employees strive to deliver exceptional service and support, solidifying the brand’s image as a trusted partner in the SAP ecosystem.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction and focusing on the quality of their interactions, Approyo ensures that its brand resonates with customers, instilling confidence and trust. Christopher recognizes that a strong brand is not solely about external recognition but also about the internal culture that drives the organization’s values and service delivery.

Approyo’s culture emphasizes the importance of teamwork, professionalism and a customer-centric approach. This culture permeates every interaction, establishing a positive brand perception that customers can rely on.

Through continuous communication, feedback loops and performance monitoring, Approyo nurtures its brand image, consistently refining and improving its services to meet customer needs. By staying attuned to market trends, customer expectations, and emerging technologies, Approyo ensures its brand remains relevant and impactful in a dynamic marketplace.

Approyo’s approach to building and maintaining a strong brand image revolves around delivering exceptional service, fostering a customer-centric culture and continually refining its offerings to meet the evolving needs of customers in the SAP ecosystem. By prioritizing excellence at every touchpoint, Approyo solidifies its reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the marketplace.

Stepping Into the Future

Looking ahead, Christopher envisions Approyo as a prominent player in the SAP ecosystem, renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction and employee well-being. He aims to position Approyo as one of the top companies to work for within the SAP industry, attracting top talent and fostering a culture of innovation and growth. With the company’s agile mindset and unwavering dedication to customer success, Christopher believes Approyo has the potential to make a significant impact on the SAP landscape.

Talking about stepping into the future of Approyo, he shares, “What do we want this company to be when it grows up? I still feel it’s in its infancy; and we have the capabilities to do a lot. We’ve really grown up without taking on the responsibilities of licenses and as a CSP which is a cloud service provider to things that were not in our business plan 11 years ago and so now we keep moving forward I am now written three books and I have three more that we’re moving forward on. It’s all about the next step.”

Talking about the importance of maintaining the company consumer-centric, the next steps for Approyo; according to Christopher, would be, “What are those next steps that we can help customers with?

Bequeathing Wisdom

Drawing from his own experiences, Christopher offers invaluable advice to aspiring business leaders seeking to make a substantial impact in their respective industries. Advising the leaders, he states, “First and foremost, I would say, please make sure you want to be a business leader that you want to lead a company that you have a vision  that you have a strategy that you know that it’s going to take you 18-19-hour days to get to where you want to go for years and years to come.”

He emphasizes the importance of a clear vision, unwavering dedication and a willingness to invest significant time and effort. Additionally, Christopher underscores the significance of hiring exceptional talent, delegating responsibilities and creating an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.

In his own words, the consecutive steps forward would be, “Next, I would bring to the forefront higher, the best possible people you can if you have to hold off on hiring two people and can only hire one of them.”

Christopher adds, “Make sure that you have people that are much stronger in areas that you are weak and to let them run with their skills. There’s a reason you hired them make sure that you allow them to do what they need to do.”

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