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CEO, Ex-NSA Hacker: Unpopular but Vital Scam Defense

Cybersecurity expert Kyle Hanslovan, CEO and co-founder of Huntress, a cybersecurity startup, emphasizes the importance of multi-factor authentication (MFA) in protecting against cyberattacks. MFA is a security process that adds an extra step to the login process, requiring users to provide additional proof of their identity beyond a password. This typically involves receiving a code via text message, email, or through an authenticator app.

Hanslovan highlights that despite its effectiveness, many people find MFA annoying and are hesitant to use it regularly. However, he stresses that it is “the single biggest thing you can do” to deter hackers. Microsoft claims that MFA can prevent 99.9% of cyberattacks on personal accounts, while other experts estimate its effectiveness to be around 50%.

Phishing attacks have been on the rise, putting personal and financial information at risk. While the adoption of MFA has increased over the years, it is still not ubiquitous. Many individuals and businesses have yet to fully embrace this critical security measure.

Hanslovan points out that small businesses, in particular, are becoming increasingly targeted by hackers. While they may not have the financial resources of larger corporations, their lax security measures can make them easier targets. Thus, he urges both individuals and businesses to prioritize MFA as it significantly raises the bar for hackers.

Hanslovan recommends using authenticator apps like Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator for a more secure MFA experience rather than relying on text messages or emails. These apps generate unique codes that change frequently, enhancing security. Additionally, utilizing biometric authentication methods like fingerprints or facial recognition can further enhance security.

Ultimately, Hanslovan’s message is clear: Embrace multi-factor authentication as a simple yet highly effective means of protecting against cyber threats. By taking this step, individuals and businesses can significantly reduce their vulnerability to cyberattacks.

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