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Verizon CEO’s 1-Question Morning Routine for the Right Frame of Mind

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg has a daily self-assessment routine that helps him start each day on the right foot. He rates his mood on a scale of 1 to 10, which guides his approach to work:

1-2: Vestberg stays in his office and works alone, as he isn’t in a good headspace for collaboration.

3-7: This range indicates he’s energized and can work at a high level, making it the ideal state for him.

8-10: When he has too much energy, he dials it back to the 3-7 range to prioritize his work.

Vestberg has been following this routine since 2009, when he became the CEO of Ericsson. He believes it brings out the strength in his leadership.

This practice aligns with the concept of “radical self-inquiry,” a self-reflection technique used by executive coach Jerry Colonna. It involves asking questions about one’s feelings and desires to understand oneself better. While such self-assessment strategies may seem unusual at first, they can help individuals develop self-awareness, a critical skill that can improve decision-making, relationships, and overall well-being.

Self-awareness is valuable in personal and professional contexts, as it can boost confidence, creativity, and resilience while reducing stress and burnout. Understanding how one comes across and interacts with others is essential for building strong relationships and achieving success.

Vestberg’s daily mood assessment is a simple yet effective tool for starting the workday with the right mindset and energy levels, ultimately enhancing his leadership abilities.

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