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The World’s first “Unhackable” Navigation System Created in Britain

As nations scramble to fortify themselves against GPS weaknesses, breakthrough occurs.
For the first time, an unjammable quantum navigation system constructed in Britain has been flown and used in an aircraft. The discovery coincides with a growing threat from satellite jammers, which prevent conventional GPS from operating on both military and commercial aircraft.

The current navigation techniques rely on satellites, which are vulnerable to technical interference or hacking attempts that render the guidance systems useless.
On the other hand, quantum is an independent system that can navigate without the need for any outside infrastructure. After Russia invaded Ukraine and electronic warfare increased, politicians and officials realized how dangerous GPS blocking could be.

The navigation system of Defence Secretary Grant Shapps’ RAF fighter was recently interfered with by a foreign entity, believed to be Russia. Thanks to quantum-powered backup systems, Britain may be able to achieve its goal of shielding British aircraft from GPS jamming by 2030, as evidenced by the world’s first demonstration at Boscombe Down.

While GPS jamming on commercial airplanes is comparatively uncommon, “the world around us continues to present evolving threats,” a Whitehall source informed the sources.
The statement continued, “We ensure British planes can travel safely and without interference by building state-of-the-art secure navigation systems that effectively shut out the risks of GPS jamming.” Unlike GPS, quantum navigation uses the characteristics of ultracold atoms to determine time and speed, and consequently position.