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The New Multimillion Dollar Bristol train station to Boost Connectivity

Today, July 31, 2023, Mark Harper will officially inaugurate a new station that will help Bristol residents and nearby businesses.

The Portway Park and Ride station in Avonmouth is the first to open in Bristol in almost a century thanks to a multi-million dollar investment from both the federal and municipal governments.

The Severn Beach line will have regular service from Great Western Railway, which will administer the station, seven days a week, with direct trains to Bristol taking just 24 minutes.

The new station, which opened earlier this month and is the 2,577th in Britain, is a continuation of Marsh Barton.

“Today’s opening of Portway Park and Ride Station is the latest example of this Government’s plan to invest in infrastructure and grow the economy,” said Transport Secretary Mark Harper. By enhancing local transportation connections and linking travellers to commercial centres and thousands of high-skilled job opportunities, it will benefit Bristol and the surrounding area.

“I am incredibly proud and thrilled to open Bristol‘s first railway station in 96 years,” said Marvin Rees, the city’s mayor. Locals and commuters will have an effective and environmentally friendly transit choice thanks to the Portway Park & Ride station. It now gives commuters additional alternatives for where to park and where to catch a train or a bus after we increased the amount of free parking spaces at our park and ride facility.

The completion of the train station demonstrates our dedication to creating cutting-edge, easily accessible transport options. Portway Park & Ride is a crucial milestone in our journey towards a more connected Bristol and South West as we aspire to a future of enhanced connectivity via a mass transit system.

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