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The Inception Story of Geniusthingks

– Written by Markus Ulrich

Geniusthingks is the idea conglomerate that I founded, encompassing a wide range of ideas and patents. Some of these ideas have been “spun off” to operate independently, such as, an electric vehicle (EV) charging company. Our focus at is to provide smart wall box systems with a holistic approach to sell complex systems to owners of apartment blocks, including dynamic load management that can handle street transformer capacity data. This ensures the protection of entire street blocks or even entire boroughs from overload when multiple EVs need to charge simultaneously.

Another important aspect of Geniusthingks is our commitment to supporting coca farmers in Colombia, encouraging them to explore alternative production methods such as high-quality juice or banana beer, utilizing their fruitful land (

Furthermore, we have a strong presence in 3D printing services, boasting extensive knowledge and expertise in various printing methods, ranging from resin to powder to house printers. We take pride in claiming to hold the patent for the fastest realizable powder printer (

I firmly believe that everyone should contemplate how to improve the world when I recognized the detrimental impact of egoistic ignorance on the “best intentions”. It is crucial to seek non-mainstream yet non-fake information and sometimes take a stand and fight for what we believe in. My own experiences during conscription reinforced my desire for safer and more precise weapons that minimize collateral damage.

The crisis in Ukraine caused by Russia’s aggression had a profound effect on me. It became clear that simple weapons and networking with like-minded individuals were efficient means of countering the enemy. As a result, geniusthingks unintentionally gained a section dedicated to Ukraine, providing advice both on the battlefield and for long-term perspectives aiming to integrate Russia into European structures and liberate its people.

Environmental concerns also hold significant importance for us. We are involved in redesigning mass-transport train traffic for high-speed transportation on an interstate level and designed a people mover on an inner-city level, and we have developed our own electric mini-car, a 3-seater side-by-side vehicle. Our patented hot liquid-forming technology allows for automated thick plastic shell production in just 2 minutes. The car’s sandwich structure includes a rigid aluminium tube cage. We plan to create a steering wheel-free, drive-by-wire joystick pedal-free prototype as soon as we secure a suitable investor to explore our patents for our citeeecar (

On a global scale, I firmly believe that the world does not have an energy problem; rather, we have not yet explored the depths of potential energy sources, literally speaking. That’s why I propose harnessing Nadir Power, a concept involving the exploitation of the nuclear power plant deep within our blue marble´s belly. By evaporating stone down to ca. 10 miles, we can loop and harness supercritical water (> 221 bar & 374°C), which holds tremendous potential that is fed by quite conventional turbines.

At geniusthingks, our “marketing” approach remains consistent: our products must be so exceptional that everyone concerned feels the need to have them; otherwise, they hold no value for us. We are fortunate to have many engineers eager to contribute without financial compensation, driven by the desire to be part of something meaningfully larger than what individuals can achieve alone. I encourage anyone with good intentions and intellect to join us on this journey.

Being a role model, both as a father and the CEO of this brain-driven idea factory, requires me to freely share my ideas to stimulate discussions that refine them into practical and useful products. I believe that the knowledge-shifting power of the internet democratizes and redefines values, and the energy provided by Nadir Power can strengthen our path towards eliminating geopolitical inefficiencies. serves as our platform to showcase meaningful ideas and technologies. We aspire to become a publicly traded company in the future, leveraging our valuable patents across various fields to add reputation. If you are an investor interested in realizing any of our patents, please feel free to contact me directly at

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