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Praxis Introduces $420 420g Carbon “Lyft” Cranks at Eurobike 2023

At this year’s Eurobike, Praxis displayed a few new products, but the greatest announcement was the introduction of its second-generation carbon Lyft crank.

At a show like Eurobike, it can occasionally be challenging to recall all the crucial information. But fortunately Praxis has modified Lyft so that it weighs 420 grammes for its 175mm variant and costs $420, leaving us with one less number to know. The advertised weight for the 170mm option stays the same, with a 165mm crank weighing 412 grammes. The new cranks provide chainline options of 55, 52, and 49mm and can be utilised with BSA, BB90-92, T47 EB, BB30, and PF30 frames.

Praxis also displayed its alloy Zane kids crank, which comes in lengths ranging from 120mm to 150mm, beside the new Lyft crank. Although Praxis claims that this crankset is primarily intended for use by children, there is no set weight restriction. Maybe the next Grim Donut could follow the logic of short cranks and include 120mm cranks for Cathro-sized people.

Praxis also informed us that all of their chainrings now have licences for the narrow-wide technology, so they should work well with all 11- and 12-speed chains.

Beautiful, sturdy, light, stiff, and offering outstanding power transfer to the drivetrain system is the Praxis Works Lyft carbon crankset. They arrived with transparent protection tape and boots for the arms, which considerably reduced wear and tear in regions that suffer concentrated attacks. The carbon hasn’t delaminated or shown any excessive wear from rocky strikes.

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