You are currently viewing Entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico and Orlando Get high-tech opportunities thanks to the Metaverse Event

Entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico and Orlando Get high-tech opportunities thanks to the Metaverse Event

The metaverse market will present numerous significant chances for enterprises in Puerto Rico soon.

The “MetaCenter Global Week,” a three-day event that showcased the numerous advantages this town offers to businesses and entrepreneurs coming from other states, including Puerto Rico, was held in this city last week for the first time.

Among the numerous executives from various firms present at the occasion was Patrick de la Roza, CEO of the Arthur App. He stated that he wishes to promote this specialized software that facilitates communication with hospital patients to the Hispanic public.

“We’re at Orlando Health right now, and we plan to grow to hospitals around the nation and, ideally, the globe, including Puerto Rico,” de la Roza stated.

Software called The Arthur App was created for hospital patients who are unable to talk due to intubation or surgery.

Prominent figures in the metaverse technology space, specialists in virtual and augmented reality, and executives from many industries convened to deliberate on how the latest technological advancements will influence clients and sales tactics in the corporate world.

Orlando’s combination of specialized and highly skilled talent, investment, industry, education, and creativity in areas like artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, Internet of Things technology, gaming, 3D, modelling, and simulation makes the region the epicentre for Metaverse development, according to Tim Giuliani, CEO of Orlando Economic Partnership, who listed several reasons why Orlando is the best place to be.

David Adelson, the CEO of Innovate Orlando and one of the organizers of the event, was pleased with the outcome of the assembly, noting that it required several months of planning.

As one of the panellists at “Pushing Boundaries XR for Performances and Entertainment Unveiled by Industry Titans,” Hassan Seguias, an entrepreneur and CEO of Xureal in Orlando who was born in Venezuela, stressed the need of utilizing the new tools available in this new era.

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