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Dejan Štancer

Dejan Štancer: Nurturing Talent and Delivering Value in Global Business

The global business arena thrives on strong leadership. Visionary figures spark innovation, fostering a culture of collaboration that unlocks potential. They navigate challenges with strategic foresight, ensuring the organization remains agile and competitive in the marketplace. Dejan Štancer is one such individual who adeptly manages multiple roles, each contributing to the advancement of the industry.

As the President of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL), Dejan spearheads initiatives aimed at connecting top companies and entrepreneurs worldwide, fostering a culture of collaboration and growth. He further amplifies his impact within the business community. With a global perspective, Dejan also holds the esteemed title of Global Ambassador of ABWCI, leveraging his influence to advocate for meaningful change on an international scale.

Furthermore, Dejan’s role as a Registered Lobbyist at European institutions underscores his commitment to upholding integrity and combating corruption within the industry. His adherence to the Law of Integrity and the Prevention of Corruption in RS reflects a steadfast dedication to ethical business practices.

In a landscape where effective leadership is principal, Dejan stands out as a driving force behind positive transformation within the sector. His multifaceted roles and dedication exemplify the qualities necessary to navigate the complexities of global business successfully.

The Power of Integrity

Dejan reflects on his journey with a sense of fulfillment and purpose. “My journey to my current role has been marked by passion, persistence and a commitment to continuous growth,” he shares. From his early years, Dejan was drawn to leadership, seeing it as a means to enact positive change. “Leadership roles have always inspired me, offering the chance to make a real difference,” he adds.

Today, at the helm of GCBL, Dejan leads one of the world’s fastest-growing organizations. He describes GCBL as a robust network, bringing together top companies and businessmen worldwide for global cooperation and networking. “We’re a tangible business network, focused on creating added value through connections,” he emphasizes.

Dejan highlights the organization’s success in developing effective models for connecting members and facilitating the exchange of goods and services. “Our concrete strategies have fueled the organization’s remarkable growth,” he notes. At GCBL, Dejan emphasizes the importance of including individuals known for their influence and integrity. “We prioritize trustworthy members with a proven track record,” he affirms.

Culture of Excellence

As President, Dejan’s main responsibilities center on setting strategic direction, fostering a culture of excellence and ensuring overall success. “My goals are focused on continuous growth, nurturing talent and delivering added value,” he emphasizes. Leading by example, Dejan remains accessible to his colleagues fostering a collaborative environment for success.

Leadership Lessons

In my leadership approach,” Dejan shares, “I prioritize transparency, integrity, empathy, and collaboration.” He believes in empowering team members and fostering open communication. Creating a culture of diversity and continuous learning inspires others to reach their full potential.

Dejan emphasizes the importance of listening to feedback, stating, “Criticism often offers solutions to unnoticed problems.” At the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, communication is paramount, driving continual growth and development.

The Art of Multitasking

Balancing multiple leadership roles requires effective time management, delegation and prioritization. He shares, “I try to stay focused on the main task of leadership, which is chairing the GCBL and all the other leadership roles that I have somehow ‘attached’ to that role.”

He also adds, “Although it is very difficult, I make a conscious effort to allocate time for my professional commitments and personal growth efforts such as continuing education, mentoring and self-care.” By maintaining a healthy work-life balance and investing in his own development, Dejan is better prepared to lead effectively and achieve sustainable success.

Mentorship and Resilience

Throughout my leadership journey,” Dejan reflects, “I have faced various challenges, from navigating organizational changes to managing complex projects and teams.” He has learned to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth with resilience, adaptability and a solution-oriented mindset to overcome obstacles.

He has encountered numerous challenges. However, seeking the guidance of mentors, individuals he highly esteems and drawing strength from his support network has been instrumental in his ability to effectively navigate these obstacles.

Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of continuously honing his skills to successfully manage challenges. Despite this, Dejan acknowledges that challenges are an inevitable aspect of leadership, something that one can never entirely escape or master.

Global Networking Strategies

Networking and collaboration are essential elements of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders. Dejan emphasizes. “They are key to promoting business development, enabling organizations to access new opportunities, share knowledge, and stay ahead of industry trends.” He notes the significance of these factors particularly amidst protectionist policies, stating, “Companies’ desire for global networking and cooperation is present more than ever before.”

At the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, Dejan and his team prioritize networking through active participation in industry events, professional associations and community initiatives. “By fostering authentic connections, sharing ideas and collaborating with different stakeholders,” he asserts, “we can and must together drive innovation and progress.”

From Information to Action

I stay informed about the latest trends and developments,” Dejan shares, “by constantly learning, following the news and engaging with our media – Global Times Magazine.” Additionally, he attends conferences and maintains dialogue with colleagues, political and business leaders along with thought leaders worldwide.

Dejan integrates this knowledge into his management approach at the Global Chamber of Business Leaders. “Remaining flexible, agile and forward-thinking,” he explains, “allows me to proactively identify opportunities and challenges.” By directing strategic decision-making, Dejan aims to promote sustainable growth, competitive advantage and continuous creation of new added value.

The Vision

Looking ahead, my goals and aspirations revolve around driving sustainable growth, fostering innovation and creating meaningful change around the world,” Dejan shares. He emphasizes the importance of strengthening cooperation and trust amidst challenging times. “The world needs us to balance it through even closer cooperation,” he asserts, highlighting the necessity for collaboration for a brighter future.

On a personal level, Dejan prioritizes maintaining a healthy work-life balance and prioritizing well-being. He remains committed to seeking opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Professionally, Dejan strives to lead with purpose and integrity, aiming to inspire others and contribute to positive change in the business community and beyond.

Creating Positive Impact

Dejan imparts wisdom to aspiring leaders who are looking to impact the business community, “My advice to aspiring leaders is to cultivate a growth mindset and embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.” He emphasizes the importance of leading with authenticity, empathy and integrity while cautioning against greed. He says, “Constantly invest in personal as well as professional growth and seek mentors to guide you along the way.”

Dejan highlights the significance of building a strong support network, including involvement in organizations like the Global Chamber of Business Leaders. He adds “Never underestimate the power of collaboration and persistence in creating a positive impact in the business community.” He stresses the importance of listening to colleagues and following intuition. “Above all, remember to be human first,” Dejan concludes.