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AI, CX, and Security Forecasts for CPaaS in 2024: Jay Patel

2023 proved to be a difficult year for companies globally. It was challenging to spur growth and uphold loyalty in the face of pervasive economic instability and extreme fluctuations in client wants and desires. However, by lowering costs and boosting operational effectiveness, CPaaS technology has assisted numerous enterprises in achieving better business results.

In an era where providing customers with pertinent offers and services is crucial, CPaaS solutions have made it possible for businesses to communicate with their clients whenever and however they choose.

In the CPaaS space, there is a lot to be enthusiastic about going forward. These are my top four predictions about the state of our market and CPaaS customers in 2024.

Customers demand seamless, conversational messaging experiences wherever, wherever, and however they choose to interact with your business—a point we’ve been making for a long time.

These encounters are now considered standard. Conversational messaging volumes are rising year over year, and the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday events saw an unprecedented spike in outgoing messages. When you contact them, customers demand tailored, relevant, and secure experiences conveniently provided through their preferred channel.

Organizations also need to understand that all of their channels of communication must work together in a multi-modal setting. Instead of concentrating only on the newest and greatest features and technology, they must adopt a holistic mindset. To facilitate smooth, multi-channel journeys, every new touchpoint or experience needs to link with the rest of their communications estate.
However, the potential of AI-based (including generative AI) technology cannot be overlooked. We will all be able to improve, expedite, and lower the cost of automated, self-serve encounters with the help of generative AI, which is here to stay.

The moment has come for businesses to make the investments necessary to acquire the data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence skills necessary to gain a detailed understanding of their clientele and improve all of their interactions with them across all platforms.

I have observed a notable increase in interest in CPaaS systems as firms begin to incorporate AI into multi-modal communication settings and experiences. Beyond improving customer experience with features like chat summary and enhanced automated interactions, AI offers many more benefits. By automating repetitive tasks and standard code, developers can also accelerate build and deployment processes, which has a major positive impact.

Significant advantages are made in terms of resources, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness as a result of this automation. In a setting where it is difficult to locate or retain skilled developers, such efficiency becomes even more important. I predict that this trend will persist and get more sophisticated well into 2024.

In 2023, generative AI dominated technology news, and this trend is expected to continue. The effects of AI-powered, automated communications on customer experiences and interactions are already being felt by a number of enterprises, and a growing number are discovering this for the first time as these technologies become more widely available, efficient, and affordable.

However, what they have observed thus far is merely the very beginning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) serves as a facilitator, facilitating the more effective execution of various business processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) will quicken the pace at which your company is transforming the consumer experience, from conversational interfaces to experience creation, analytics to content creation.

One of Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends for 2024 is AI-accelerated creation. Rich content we receive through messaging platforms will significantly expand in quality and quantity as AI makes its way into new domains, such as CPaaS solutions.

A plethora of rich AI-driven CPaaS use cases emerged in 2023, ranging from facilitating financial transactions to allowing clients to make whole trip reservations via rich messaging. And throughout 2024, I anticipate seeing a ton of more fascinating use cases develop.

Proactive outreach and communications have ingrained themselves into our daily lives in recent years. We all get used to notifications appearing on our phones, whether they are about delivery updates, appointments, or just pertinent and timely offers.

However, those exchanges are far from flawless. For instance, they are typically brief, direct, and obviously one-sided; they are not very conversational. They don’t ask for your reaction, and even if they did, you probably couldn’t give it.

Usually, this is the result of isolated systems creating and delivering them. The platforms and technologies that businesses use for two-way communications are fundamentally different from those systems, which are unable to see a tonne of data about you and your journey.

The ability to facilitate proactive outreach and engagement in both directions is one of the main advantages of a CPaaS platform. By consolidating all communication channels onto a solitary platform, proactive outreach may be seamlessly incorporated into our multi-modal communication experiences.

Interest in CPaaS platforms will grow as more businesses take action to enhance proactive outreach experiences and integrate them with other conversational two-way interactions.

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