High Paying Jobs In 2024 

Chief Executive Officer

Topping the list, being a CEO gets you the highest paying job in the world, no matter where you work. A CEO is the highest-ranked position in any organisation’s structure.


Being the highest paying job in the USA, an Anesthesiologist is among the best-paid jobs in the world. Anesthesiologists work closely with surgeons

General Surgeons

Surgeons get paid according to the level of their skills and experience. Surgeons are also paid based on their success rates in performing surgeries and treating patients to improve their medical condition.


Often the most paid profession in various countries, a Psychiatrist helps in dealing with mental health. Psychiatrists charge fees per session of consultation, and depending on the mental condition of the patient

Data Scientists

With the ongoing global recession, the demand for Data Scientists has increased drastically, making it fall into the list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world.

Software Engineer

Being a software engineer has been one of the top highest paying jobs in the world for several decades. Software engineers and architects are highly respected in the field of technology.