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 US Whole Foods Stores to Accept Amazon’s Palm Payment Technology by 2024

According to Amazon, this payment method will be accessible at all retailers by 2024.

In the near future, Americans who shop at Whole Foods won’t need to bring their wallets. Soon, the palm-based payment system for Amazon One will be installed in every US Whole Foods site, according to a statement from Amazon on Thursday.

“By the end of this year, all 500+ Whole Foods Market locations in the US will offer Amazon One for payment and Prime membership benefits,” Amazon said.

With Amazon One, you may use your hand to place it in front of a scanner at shops and other establishments to authenticate your identification and make payments. In 2020, Amazon started implementing the technology at its Seattle Amazon Go stores. Since then, it has expanded to several Panera Bread locations and Denver’s Coors Field.

Similar to how law enforcement agencies gather and store fingerprints, Amazon One uses biometrics to scan palms to validate a person’s identification.

There are some questions about how Amazon handles biometric data, though. Regarding the biometric surveillance statute in New York City, Amazon was sued in March. The lawsuit claims that local Amazon Go locations failed to display signage alerting customers to the possibility of biometric surveillance.

A group of US senators questioned the security of Amazon’s data harvesting practises in a letter to CEO Andy Jassy that was delivered to him in 2021.

“Amazon One reportedly uploads biometric information to the cloud, raising unique security risks,” the letter reads. “Ensuring the security of user data and protecting consumer privacy are of the utmost concern.”

In response to concerns, Amazon has said that Amazon One “was designed in accordance with Amazon’s long-standing privacy policies and controls.”

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