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Tencent Cloud Appointed as the Official Game Server Provider for Pocketpair

Tencent Cloud, the cloud technology arm of Tencent, has revealed its collaboration with Pocketpair, designating itself as the “official partner providing dedicated multiplayer servers” for their immensely popular game.

The game in focus is the widely acclaimed “Palworld”, often dubbed as “Pokemon with guns”, for PC. Since its recent surge in popularity at the start of the year, Palworld has garnered immense attention, selling over a million copies within a mere eight hours of its release, even though it’s still in the Early Access phase, far from its official launch.

For those unfamiliar, Palworld is an open-world survival game centered around monster-taming, accommodating up to 32 players. Its universe revolves around enigmatic creatures called “Pals”. Within just one month of its debut, Palworld has already amassed a staggering 25 million players, putting significant strain on the resources of the small development team tasked with managing and expanding costly servers to accommodate the influx of new players.

By teaming up with Tencent Cloud and leveraging the company’s Lighthouse, a readily deployable cloud server service tailored for lightweight scenarios, Palworld aims to address its server challenges. This service will be delivered to players worldwide via Metastation, Tencent Cloud’s partner based in Singapore. Through this strategic collaboration, Tencent Cloud aims to enhance its cloud service offerings by establishing dedicated multiplayer servers not only in Japan but also across the United States and the Asia-Pacific region, spanning South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Tencent Cloud International currently operates 70 availability zones spread across 26 regions globally, with plans to expand further for wider node coverage. Leveraging over 1,100 cache nodes within Mainland China and an additional 1,000+ cache nodes deployed across 30+ countries and regions globally, Tencent Cloud CDN ensures efficient content distribution and reduced access latency by directing user requests to the nearest optimal node through its global scheduling system.

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