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Small Companies will Benefit from Free Cyber Education

A novel cyber health check initiative is now in development, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to conduct a complimentary evaluation of their security protocols.

According to Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil, cyber threats are becoming more common for all types of enterprises, but they can be especially severe for smaller ones.

An average of 94,000 cyberattacks occur in Australia each year, costing small firms $46,000.

“For a small business, a cyber incident can be fatal – it can mean shutting up shop that very day,” said Ms O’Neil.

“Small businesses today do not have the advice and support they need and do not have the resources to properly manage this problem.”

Approximately 94,000 cyberattacks occur in Australia each year.

Offering the voluntary program as part of its Australian Cyber Security Strategy, which runs from 2023 to 2030, will cost the federal government $7.2 million.

Companies will have access to educational resources to improve cyber security and upskill staff members.

A more in-depth, independent evaluation will also be available to those who pose a greater danger.

An additional $11 million will be allocated to the small business cyber resilience service, which offers 1:1 support to assist Australia’s 2.5 million small businesses in overcoming obstacles, such as recuperating from cyberattacks.

According to Ms. O’Neil, Australia would become “a world-leading cyber secure and resilient nation by 2030” with the aid of the cyber security policy.

“We understand the challenges small businesses face in the complex world of cyber security but they are not on their own,” she stated.

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