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Samsung Releases New MicroSD cards in Anticipation of the era of AI Smartphones

Samsung declared the mass manufacture of two new microSD cards in anticipation of the increasing demand for artificial intelligence in smartphones.

Samsung has effectively addressed the expanding demands of mobile computing and on-device AI with our two new microSD cards. Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Memory Brand Product Biz Team Hangu Sohn stated, “These memory cards, despite their small size, deliver powerful SSD-like performance and capacity to help users get more out of demanding modern and future applications.”

The 256GB SD Express microSD card is one of them; it can read data in consecutive order at up to 800MB/s. Samsung’s official statement claims that 800MB/s is 1.4 times quicker than SATA SSDs (560MB/s) and significantly faster than UHS-I’s 104MB/s limit.

Launched in 2018, SD Express is a microSD card interface that combines three critical security features—boot support, Trusted Computing Group Storage, and Replay Protected Memory Block authenticated memory—with PCIe 4.0 and NVMe interfaces to deliver ultra-high performance and reliability, much like its own memory. Although the SD Express interface has been around for a while, adoption of the interface is relatively new. With the introduction of this new card from Samsung, hopefully that will improve.

Another new card from Samsung is a UHS-I microSD card, which can now store up to 1TB of data. The microSD card has eight layers of Samsung’s 8th-generation 1-terabit (Tb) V-NAND inside of it, giving it storage capacity that is equivalent to full-sized SSDs. Along with all the expected normal durability features, the new card is additionally equipped with X-ray and magnetic protection, drop-proof construction, severe temperature tolerance, wear-out protection, and water resistance.
The 1TB UHS-I microSD card is scheduled to appear in Q3 2024, while the 256GB SD Express microSD card will be sold “later this year.” If and when they visit Singapore, we’ll keep you informed.

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