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Olivier Gomez

Olivier Gomez: Guiding Businesses Through Transformation

The technology sector continues to be reshaped by advancements in automation and artificial intelligence (AI), which have rapidly transformed industries by enhancing operational efficiency and nurturing innovation. The integration of these cutting-edge technologies has enabled businesses to streamline processes, reduce costs, and stay competitive in a growing market. The impact of automation and AI extends across various sectors, driving substantial improvements in productivity and opening new avenues for growth.

Olivier Gomez, a seasoned technology leader with over 25 years of experience, has been an influential figure in this evolving field. His career began with a fascination for these transformative technologies, which has only deepened over time. Olivier’s expertise was honed through numerous roles, culminating in his position as Chief Automation Officer at Hewlett Packard/DXC, which showcases his expertise in deploying large-scale automation solutions and achieving substantial cost savings.

As the CEO of, Olivier is now employing his extensive experience to help businesses integrate automation and AI into their operations.’s mission is to harness the power of automation and AI to drive sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge in an emerging market. Through strategic partnerships, continuous innovation, and a commitment to excellence, is setting new standards in the industry, making technology more practical and accessible for businesses worldwide.

Let’s explore Olivier’s innovative approach to tech leadership:  

Revolutionizing Industries with Automation and AI

Olivier’s journey into the world of technology spans over 25 years, driven by a profound passion for automation and artificial intelligence. From the outset, he was fascinated by the potential of these technologies to revolutionize industries and enhance efficiency.

His early career was marked by numerous roles where he honed his skills and expanded his knowledge, ultimately leading to his position as Chief Automation Officer at Hewlett-Packard/DXC. There, he spearheaded the deployment of over 3,000 robots, achieving substantial cost savings exceeding $100 million.

This pivotal role solidified his reputation as a leader in the field and opened doors to numerous opportunities. Today, as the CEO of his own company, he leverages his extensive experience to guide startups and Fortune 3000 companies through their digital transformations. His mission is to help these organizations navigate the complexities of technology adoption, ensuring they remain competitive and innovative in an ever-evolving market landscape.

A Holistic Approach to Technology Integration

Olivier’s inspiration to pursue a career in technology leadership stems from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of technology. Initially, his focus was on leveraging automation and AI to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. However, as he

gained more experience and insights, his vision expanded to encompass strategic growth and long-term value creation.

Today, as the CEO of his own company, his vision revolves around guiding organizations to harness technology not just as a tool for efficiency but as a catalyst for innovation.

He emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach, where technology is seamlessly integrated into business strategies to drive sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge. This evolution in his vision reflects a broader understanding of technology’s role in shaping the future of industries and society at large.

A Leadership Perspective

Olivier’s decision-making process as a leader in the tech industry is underpinned by three core principles: innovation, integrity, and impact. Innovation is the cornerstone of his approach, driving him to constantly seek out new solutions that enhance efficiency and foster growth. He believes that staying ahead of the curve requires a relentless pursuit of creative and cutting-edge ideas.

Integrity is equally vital, ensuring transparency and trust in all interactions with stakeholders. He adheres to ethical standards and prioritizes honesty, which builds strong, trustworthy relationships and a positive organizational culture.

Impact is the final guiding principle, focusing on making decisions that create long-term value for both organizations and society. He strives to ensure that every strategic move contributes positively to the broader community, reinforcing the idea that technology should serve as a force for good.

Learning Opportunities in Innovation

Fostering innovation and encouraging creativity within the team involves creating an environment where experimentation is welcomed, and failure is viewed as a learning opportunity. He promotes a culture where team members feel empowered to explore new ideas without fear of repercussions.

Regular brainstorming sessions and hackathons are integral to this approach, providing structured opportunities for creative thinking. He also puts a strong emphasis on autonomy, allowing individuals the freedom to pursue innovative projects and initiatives. Celebrating successes, no matter how small, reinforces a positive feedback loop that motivates continued creative efforts.

Additionally, he encourages cross-functional collaboration, recognizing that diverse perspectives often lead to the most innovative solutions. By bringing together individuals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, his team can tackle challenges more effectively, and ideas that might not have emerged in a more siloed environment can be generated.

Integrating New Ideas into Strategies

Collaboration and partnership are fundamental to driving technological progress. Olivier approaches these relationships with a focus on shared objectives and open communication. Establishing clear goals and expectations at the outset ensures that all parties are aligned and can work towards common outcomes.

Engagement with other industry leaders is also a priority. He actively participates in conferences, video discussions, and knowledge-sharing forums to exchange insights and stay abreast of the latest advancements. This year alone, he has traveled to Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Mauritius, and many other places to speak about AI and automation and collaborate with fellow leaders.

Such interactions are invaluable, as they provide opportunities to learn from others’ experiences and integrate new ideas into their own strategies. By building a network of like-minded professionals and organizations, they can collectively push the boundaries of what’s possible in technology.

Promoting Innovation through an Inclusive Culture

Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of the organizational ethos at They actively recruit talent from a wide array of backgrounds, ensuring that the team reflects the global nature of its operations. This diversity is not just about representation; it’s about harnessing the unique perspectives and experiences that individuals from different cultures and walks of life bring to the table.

In fostering an inclusive culture, they ensure that every team member’s voice is heard and valued. This inclusive environment promotes creativity and innovation, as diverse teams are better equipped to tackle complex problems and develop solutions that resonate with a broad user base.

Diversity and inclusion are crucial for shaping the future of technology. A diverse workforce can better understand and address the needs of a varied user demographic, leading to more innovative and effective technological solutions. By prioritizing these values, they not only enhance their own capabilities but also contribute to a more inclusive and equitable tech industry.

The Path to Success in Tech

To aspiring leaders in the tech industry, Olivier’s advice is threefold:

  • Stay Curious: The tech landscape is ever-changing, and staying abreast of new developments is essential. Cultivating a mindset of continuous learning, exploring emerging technologies, and remaining open to new ideas is advised. Curiosity drives innovation and keeps one ahead of the curve.
  • Connect Authentically: Building meaningful relationships is crucial. Seeking mentors who inspire, engaging with peers who challenge, and finding communities where one feels supported are recommended. Authentic connections provide invaluable support and opportunities for growth.
  • Embrace Resilience: The tech industry is dynamic and often unpredictable. Embracing challenges such as learning opportunities and remaining resilient in the face of setbacks is encouraged. Persistence and adaptability are key to navigating the evolving landscape and achieving long-term success.

“Your journey in tech is uniquely yours. Stay true to your vision, continue pushing boundaries, and never underestimate the impact you can make.”

Finding the Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for sustained success and well-being. He prioritizes outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and skiing with the family, as well as riding motorbikes with the son. These activities provide a necessary respite from the demands of leadership, allowing him to recharge and strengthen family bonds.

Immersing in nature and spending quality time with loved ones helps Olivier return to professional responsibilities with renewed energy and focus. By setting clear boundaries and ensuring time is made for personal interests, a balance is maintained that supports both professional and personal well-being.

A Vision for Global Businesses

Looking ahead, his primary goal is to make technology more practical and accessible for businesses worldwide. Olivier aims to focus on developing real solutions to real problems, using automation and AI to drive tangible results. By collaborating with other industry leaders and sharing insights and experiences, he hopes to accelerate innovation and support the broader tech community in achieving its goals.

He plans to continue efforts to guide organizations through their digital transformations, helping them harness the power of technology to drive growth and remain competitive. Ultimately, his aspiration is to contribute to a future where technology serves as a catalyst for positive change, addressing societal challenges and improving quality of life on a global scale.