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Major Central Banks are Expected to Pause Rate Hikes Soon

The expectation of interest rate cuts by major central banks towards the end of 2023 is being reconsidered due to factors such as sticky core inflation, tight labor markets, and a resilient global economy. The U.S. Federal Reserve, in particular, faces the risk of upward pressure on wages and inflation, despite the cooling of the headline consumer price index. Strong economic data and a persistent labor market tightness have led to debates within the Fed about the need for further tightening or a potential slowdown in growth. Similarly, the European Central Bank is grappling with a similar dilemma, as headline inflation in the eurozone remains high, albeit with a surprise slowdown in core price growth.

The Bank of England faces a tougher inflation challenge than its counterparts, with the U.K. experiencing higher consumer price inflation. The expectation of further interest rate hikes to curtail rising prices has increased. However, concerns over de-anchored inflation expectations and potential negative effects on the economy are prompting discussions about the Bank of England’s course of action.

While the market has priced in higher interest rates for a longer period, there are still expectations of a reversal in monetary policy by the end of the year. The uncertainty and variable lags associated with policy changes suggest caution in responding to near-term inflation surprises. Overall, central banks are reassessing their monetary policies in light of the persistent inflationary pressures and economic conditions, which may have implications for global financial markets and economic outlooks.

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