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Kurloo Wing-the latest Innovation Aims to Revolutionize Position Monitoring Solutions

In the rapidly changing sector of geospatial technology, Kurloo continues to soar above the rest with its commitment to innovation and excellence. This pioneering company in position monitoring solutions is set to revolutionize the industry once again with the launch of its latest innovation, the ‘Kurloo Wing’. As Kurloo celebrates this remarkable milestone in June, the product extension is now available for order, igniting excitement and anticipation among industry enthusiasts.

Founded in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Kurloo has been at the forefront of technological advancement since its inception. Led by founder and CEO Lee Hellen, Kurloo has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible, leveraging cutting-edge research and expertise to deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

The Kurloo Wing, a creation of Kurloo’s team of expert engineers and product managers, represents a significant leap forward in position monitoring capability. Designed to enhance endurance and versatility, the Wing is poised to redefine the standards for precision monitoring in various environments.

Kurloo Wings are modular solar panels that attach to the mounting bracket of the Kurloo device. This additional power enables more frequent position measurements and operation in more diverse environments than previously possible. Each Wing features a battery and solar panel and can be used individually, or two Wings can be combined to offer five times the battery capacity and six times the solar capacity of the standalone Kurloo sensor.

The Wings are designed to operate in the same rugged weatherproof and temperature-handling conditions as the Kurloo sensor, thus expanding performance in new and existing monitoring sites.

What sets the Kurloo Wing apart is its seamless integration into the Kurloo monitoring solution. Just like the Kurloo sensor, the Wings have been designed with the installer in mind: keeping it simple and reliable. There are no settings to configure or additional tools required. Simply assemble the Wing bracket, plug its output cable into the Kurloo, and the installation is complete. Telemetry, such as battery health data, will be available in the Kurloo Nest, alongside existing telemetry from the Kurloo sensor itself.