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Scott Baxter

Kindling the Flame of Growth: Scott Baxter’s Leadership Saga at PEKO

Full-service contract manufacturers of complex machinery and equipment who specialize in new product introduction require a comprehensive marketing approach to stay competitive in the fast-paced business world. The world of contract manufacturing is constantly evolving and the relationship between contract manufacturing and sales and marketing is no exception.

Marketing in this sector requires a focus on innovation, digital marketing, customer experience, targeted marketing, and brand narrative. By implementing these strategies, companies can effectively reach their target audience and differentiate themselves from competitors to drive business growth and stay ahead of the curve.

Differentiating themselves in the market, PEKO Precision Products has carved its path as a full-service, end-to-end machinery manufacturer, catering to the needs of world-class OEMs and innovative SMBs. Its impressive 375,000 sq. ft. of modern climate-controlled manufacturing floor space spans across 9 state-of-the-art facilities and houses dedicated teams of highly skilled engineers and tradespeople, all committed to delivering excellence.

PEKO’s vertically integrated capabilities cover the entire product lifecycle, from development, engineering, and prototyping, to manufacturing, assembly, integration, and program management. What really sets PEKO apart is its ability to support early-stage programs through its New Product Introduction (NPI) division. This unique offering provides a specialized space with the capabilities to support early stage manufacturing initiatives, including DFMA exercises, alpha/beta prototyping, and pilot manufacturing.

Scott Baxter is a key driving force behind the company’s success. His role as PEKO’s Director of Business Development is pivotal in establishing and nurturing relationships with their diverse clientele. His proficiency in understanding customer needs, paired with a deep knowledge of PEKO’s capabilities, allows him to skilfully connect with clients, leveraging the company’s unique strengths and benefits to offer unique and customized solutions.

Scott leadership shines through dedication, guiding PEKO Precision Products to new horizons. He fosters an environment where innovation thrives and orchestrates mutually beneficial collaborations that amplify growth. With his visionary outlook, Scott’s strategies transcend convention, earning him accolades as an industry leader and propelling the company’s ascent as a global manufacturing powerhouse.

Scott’s dedication to quality, paired with PEKO’s vertically integrated capabilities and new product introduction services, make them a powerhouse in the contract manufacturing industry. As customers continue to innovate, they can rest assured that their partnership with PEKO will yield exceptional results throughout their entire product lifecycle.

Let’s explore how Scott and the PEKO Precision Products team connect their vertically integrated capabilities and innovative solutions to elevate the new product development and manufacturing process in a B2B landscape!

From Job Shop to Industry Pioneer

PEKO Precision Products origins trace back to the 1960s. Since its inception, the company has established a remarkable legacy for machinery manufacturing. With roots firmly embedded in the tradition of crafting top-notch machinery, equipment and assemblies, PEKO has grown into a trusted, industry leading contract manufacturer for major OEMs around the world.

PEKO’s journey began decades ago when it emerged as a modest tool and die shop in 1966. In a strategic evolution, the company swiftly recognized the potential that lay beyond its initial realm. With a vision that extended beyond the confines of tooling, PEKO integrated an engineering team into its ranks in the 1970s. This calculated move allowed PEKO to harness its expertise in parts manufacturing and channel it towards a new horizon–the creation of automated systems for the growing automotive industry. The 80s bore witness to this transformation, solidifying PEKO’s foothold in the realm of automated automotive systems.

With the advent of the 1990s, PEKO’s capabilities underwent significant growth. The company ventured into the realm of contract manufacturing; an arena characterized by scaled production volumes. It was during this time that PEKO caught the attention of major players in the printing and imaging sector. These industry giants recognized the intrinsic value of PEKO’s prowess for building intricate machinery and assemblies. They quickly enlisted the company’s craftsmanship, capitalizing on its capabilities to realize their own product visions.

As the 2000s dawned, PEKO continued to evolve by exploring new avenues and opportunities to diversify its portfolio. The company ventured into new high-tech domains, like the semiconductor, medical equipment, and defense industries. This strategic pivot underscored PEKO’s versatility and adaptability, positioning the company as a stalwart player in a dynamic landscape.

PEKO underwent another transformative phase in the mid-2010s with the creation of its New Product Introduction (NPI) division. PEKO’s NPI division was specifically designed to streamline the process of onboarding early-stage product developments, seamlessly guiding budding concepts through commercialization and full-rate production. This pivotal move proved to be a game-changer for PEKO, carving out new territory in the ever-changing industrial landscape.

From its humble origins as a tool and die shop, PEKO Precision Products has grown into a contract manufacturing powerhouse, cementing its reputation as a true trailblazer and global force in the manufacturing industry. Through decades of calculated growth and strategic evolution, the company has emerged as an inspiring example of innovation. Constantly adapting to meet the ever-changing demands of industries, PEKO’s story is a testament to its unwavering pursuit of engineering excellence.

Precision in Motion

PEKO’s core competency lies in its ability to manufacture complex machinery, equipment, and major electromechanical assemblies to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Scott annotates, “We have experience working with customers from a diverse set of industries, including communication, semiconductor, aerospace, defense, medical, alternative energy, industrial, printing, and more.” PEKO’s typical customer includes manufacturers with early-stage product development and outsourced manufacturing initiatives, ranging from large Fortune 500s companies to small technology startups.

In Pursuit of Perfection

PEKO is devoted to infusing quality into every masterpiece that leaves its facility. This commitment is more than just a lofty goal; it is systematically orchestrated and achieved through a robust Quality Management System (QMS).

Their QMS is designed to craft processes that serve as sentinels of quality, setting a vigilant standard for each phase of the build from the inception of component fabrication to the harmonious orchestration of subassemblies and completely integrated systems.

This dedicated pursuit has far-reaching implications. One of the most profound outcomes is the eradication of the costly and time-consuming debug processes that often accompanies factory acceptance testing (FAT) and final installation. Embedding quality assurance into every nuance of the build helps PEKO ensure that each build emerges as a masterpiece of precision free of glitches.

PEKO’s commitment to building superior quality machines isn’t just a mere slogan — it’s a steadfast, diligent pursuit which resonates in every build. As machines leave PEKO’s facility, they bear the hallmark of distinction; an unyielding commitment to excellence that sets them apart in the industry.

Forging Frontiers

PEKO skilfully navigates the intricate landscape of contract manufacturing with finesse, overseeing every facet of execution. Scott states, “At PEKO, we are your one-stop shop from prototype to production.” From development engineering to prototyping, precision machining to metal fabrication, and electrical proficiency to system integration, PEKO’s prowess covers each intricate facet of manufacturing. Its vertically integrated suite of capabilities and expertise crystallizes PEKO’s role as a holistic manufacturing powerhouse.

The breadth of PEKO’s vertical integration extends its reach into the realms of new product introduction and development. Whether it’s intricate mechanical parts, labyrinthine control systems, or the harmonious interplay of complex subsystems, PEKO’s NPI prowess extends to every layer, from the inception of groundbreaking machinery concepts to the creation of prototypes that materializes these innovative concepts.

PEKO’s NPI experts have proficiencies that defy convention, offering unparalleled assurance of engineering superiority. Their familiarity with technical machinery underpinnings and meticulous eye for detail grants PEKO to understand and dissect the intricate engineering aspects of critical components on-site. Scott says, “Our NPI group gives us the ability to help our customers commercialize prototype designs and complete value engineering exercises to address DFM and DFA when needed.”

Central to its narrative is PEKO’s ability to seamlessly traverse the path of manufacturing ramp-up, including the successful transfer of intricate machine designs to its manufacturing production environment. This is something most new product teams struggle with, especially when transferring the design between two different supplier firms.

Scott adds, “Our ability to offer end to end engineering and manufacturing under one roof, like low volume prototyping in our NPI division and volume production in our contract manufacturing division, facilitates clean, seamless transitions of designs to manufacturing for manufacturing ramp-up.”

PEKO’s deep-rooted proficiencies and skillset goes beyond mere comprehension. They have extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities to bring machinery to life. PEKO’s team transforms concepts into tangible realities utilizing a host of on-site manufacturing processes, like precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, and production welding. This is facilitated by its expansive repertoire of advanced equipment and automation technologies.

PEKO’s reputation as an engineering and manufacturing expert is well-established, but the company’s mastery goes far beyond these realms. At every phase of assembly and integration, PEKO’s expertise shines through. With a deep knowledge of every component and how they interact, PEKO orchestrates the assembly process to ensure seamless melding.

PEKO’s machinery manufacturing stands out from conventional contract manufacturers and engineering firms with its seamless integration and world-class quality systems. From start to finish, every aspect of the process is seamlessly connected and organized with meticulous precision. This unique convergence of capabilities is characterized by exemplary compliance with industry standards, like ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS 9100, NIST 800-171, and ITAR.

The dynamic cycle of engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and testing thrives within the walls of PEKO. Unlike others in the industry, PEKO seamlessly combines product development and manufacturing to craft unparalleled masterpieces. Every thread of vertical integration and quality compliance is carefully woven into a story that stands as a testament to PEKO’s unique position in the realm of manufacturing and engineering excellence.

In the Forge of Progress

A medical startup came to PEKO for help developing new medical imaging equipment that would harness the power of MRI radiation therapy to revolutionize cancer treatment. They had a solid concept and core science, but the designs had to be optimized for manufacturing and involved complex mechanical and control systems that had to meet demanding quality and regulatory standards.

Without the engineering or manufacturing expertise to turn it into a real, manufacturable product, they turned to PEKO for help. PEKO took on the challenge of turning the design into a fully functional product ready for market launch. From reviewing parts to creating work instructions, PEKO’s experts were involved every step of the way. Their skilled manufacturing and engineering teams worked closely with the startup to develop and commercialize the machine.

Through strong collaboration and thorough in-house testing, PEKO helped the startup prepare for FDA approval and commercialize the successful new technology. Their meticulous approach ensured that the machines met all requirements and were ready for use in medical facilities. The success of this partnership not only improved cancer treatment but also opened doors for future collaborations and advancements in the medical field.

Thanks to PEKO’s contract manufacturing expertise, the medical startup was able to bring their innovative machine concept to life. PEKO’s uncompromising adherence to quality and dedication to meeting high industry standards, like ISO 13485, ensured the machines were built reliably and effectively.

PEKO’s precision and attention to detail resulted in flawless production units that are making a significant impact in the medical field and being used in top cancer treatment centers around the world.

Crafting Timelines with Precision

PEKO is a dynamic company that is constantly striving to improve its processes and procedures. Embedded within PEKO’s operational framework is its continuous improvement team—a dynamic force that meticulously dissect processes, identify bottlenecks, and engineer pathways to streamline efficiency.

This team serves as PEKO’s catalyst for change and employs a range 5S principles, lean manufacturing methodologies, and other efficiency programs. At the heart of this effort lies the routine occurrence of Kaizen events. These orchestrated endeavors are the crucibles of innovation, where ideas collide and opportunities for enhancement take center stage.

But PEKO doesn’t stop at its own threshold; the company extends its ethos of partnership to customers, inviting them to join the Kaizen process. Through these collaborative efforts, opportunities are identified for mutually beneficial efficiency gains. This commitment to continuous improvement not only ensures that PEKO remains competitive, but also demonstrates their dedication to providing the best possible service to their customers.

PEKO’s continuous improvement team emerges as a dynamic harbinger of positive change. Guided by the principles of 5S and fueled by the efficiency of lean manufacturing, this team has an unwavering commitment to excellence. As PEKO and its customers work together in pursuit of betterment, enhanced capabilities, and competitive advantages, the legacy of continuous improvement has become a symbol of progress, innovation, and shared success.

Building Tomorrow Today

PEKO’s R&D programs mirror a commitment to self-evolution, where robotic systems dance with precision and the NPI engineers unravels the mysteries of endurance and efficiency. For customers, PEKO’s NPI team serves as a guiding light of creativity to support their own R&D efforts, performing services like life cycle testing and design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA), in the pursuit of helping them perfecting their own product designs.

Internal R&D programs are also in place to help improve PEKO’s day-to-day operations. One such example was the implementation and integration of robotic systems, a strategic maneuver to harness the potential of lights-out machining.

These robotic sentinels step into the limelight, performing intricate machining tasks with a precision that is both awe-inspiring and efficient. This union of automation and innovation exemplifies PEKO’s endeavor to capitalize on the unexplored possibilities that lie within the dominion of modern manufacturing.

Innovate or Obsolete

As part of the company’s determination to stay at the forefront of innovation, PEKO continually invests in the latest industrial equipment and technological tools to ensure they remain a reliable partner for their customers.

Furthermore, PEKO maintains strong relationships with its supply base, which is leveraged by its manufacturing team to try out new technology offerings and apply them to the everyday bottlenecks and problems that hinder manufacturing operations.

Scott annotates, “Keeping an open mind and being willing to fail with a new technique is a way PEKO can find the best tools to use for its operations.

Tailoring Triumph

PEKO prides itself on being a customer-centric company. The company believes in forging strong partnerships with its customers and aligning its goals towards success. Scott shares, “Our goals towards success must be in alignment.”

To achieve this alignment, PEKO adopts a partnership methodology with each customer. Their methodology suggests that there should be little to no distinction between PEKO and customer employees in a room of both. The goal is to work together towards success.

Dedication is another vital pillar of PEKO’s approach, where each customer program is assigned a dedicated team, including a program manager and associated staff. This ensures that the team is fully invested in the project and delivers the best results possible.

Lastly, one of the most crucial pillars to PEKO’s customer-centric approach is executive engagement. PEKO’s senior management stays connected with the customer’s management to ensure everything runs smoothly and communication channels are open on the ground level.

PEKO’s Talent Tango

PEKO’s Human Resources (HR) department is a vigilant force that operates behind the scenes, tirelessly tracking the ebb and flow of trends that define employee retention and recruitment. Serving as industry observers, this team of professionals is a custodian of change, attuned to the pulse of the industry and encouraging best practices.

The landscape of employee retention and recruitment is ever evolving, a testament to the fluidity of modern workplaces. The HR department at PEKO embraces this fluidity, harnessing it as an opportunity to remain ahead of the curve.

Through diligent monitoring of industry trends and actively listening to the voice of employees, PEKO’s HR department is continuously evaluating how to improve workplace policies and practices to better serve their workforce.

Scott says, “We continuously listening to the voice of employees to ensure our policies are congruent to the needs of the workforce.” By adopting this proactive approach, PEKO is poised to remain a leader in employee retention and recruitment in their industry.

Forging a Shield

From initial product development to final assembly, safety is of the utmost importance. When partnering with PEKO, clients can rest easy knowing they are working with a team that values well-being as much as it values its craftsmanship. Their dedicated safety team exemplifies this devotion.

This team oversees all safety protocols, ensuring that each aspect of the manufacturing process aligns with the highest standards. The result is a comprehensive safety net, woven with meticulous precision, that safeguards both the workforce and end products. By prioritizing safety, they not only protect their employees but also uphold their partner clients trust and confidence by ensuring that safety standards transcend borders across the globe.

Charting a Green Course

PEKO is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their dedicated sustainability team works hard to identify innovative opportunities for positive change that help reduce our environmental footprint. This is evident in their recent change of shop light fixtures combined with initiative for sustainable machinery coolant. These initiatives illustrate the lengths PEKO goes to ensure a viable world and sustainable future for current and upcoming generations.

Beyond delivering exceptional products and services, PEKO is a devoted community support. PEKO makes private contributions to various community causes. This ensures that they are making a positive impact beyond the factory floor, reinforcing their values by impacting local communities. As businesses engage PEKO, they are not only getting access to manufacturing experts, but also a partner who is committed to making positive and meaningful contributions to the community.

Bridging Continents, Building Bonds

PEKO is a formidable international presence in the world of machinery manufacturing. Despite the complexities of the varying cultures they encounter, PEKO found that business integrity remains a universal principle. This principle serves as a universal bridge that connects PEKO’s values with the aspirations of its customers.

Scott shares, “Although social cultures may be different, we often find that business cultures are quite similar.” Embracing common ground and shared values such as mutual respect, willingness to succeed, and interest in solving complex engineering issues, has helped PEKO forge lasting relationships with clients and partners that transcend geographical boundaries.

In their efforts to increase their visibility and foothold in diverse markets, PEKO has adopted an approach that harnesses the power of the internet to showcase its offerings to a worldwide audience. This approach enables customers from diverse cultures to learn about PEKO’s capabilities and determine whether they are the right fit for their needs.

Breathing Life into Dreams

PEKO has stayed true to its mission of developing strategic collaborations with key players in the industry. By fostering partnerships with industry luminaries, the company has gained access to new resources and insights that it can leverage to drive innovation and growth.

Through this approach, PEKO has become a more agile and responsive organization, capable of adapting to the ever-changing needs of its customers and the broader market. This symbiotic relationship has helped PEKO build a bulletproof reputation among esteemed customers who demand nothing short of fineness.

This approach has also managed to amplify PEKO’s reach and influence, ultimately propelling itself into the digital realm. As the digital landscape continues to evolve and expand, PEKO’s narrative assumes new dimensions. Through every click and interaction, PEKO’s presence transcends boundaries and creates an immense global impact.

This recognition has solidified PEKO as a titan in the machinery manufacturing industry, a force that is redefining the very landscape of innovation and growth. By maintaining a great reputation with high quality customers and gaining a larger viewership, PEKO will keep pace with its growth and become an even bigger name in the industry.