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Instagrammer James Asquith Begins Airline Company with Preowned A380 Planes

James Asquith enjoys the distinction of being the youngest traveller to have visited every nation, and he now wants to provide others with the same opportunity.

While a large portion of the airline industry lost interest in the double-decker A380 aircraft, Asquith is acquiring them used and at a discount.

The A380, which is the largest passenger aircraft in the world and has the capacity to carry hundreds of passengers at once, was intended to be the future of flying.

However, it didn’t sell as many units as expected, and manufacture of the aircraft halted in 2021 as many airlines switched to less expensive, more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Asquith is launching Global Airlines because he thinks that customers would enjoy the roomy planes and may be lured away from more established carriers.

“I think it’s the most fantastic commercial aircraft ever made,” he told Sky News “but you have to do something with that space that makes passengers want to step on board.”

The Instagram user claims he wants to revive the “golden age” of air travel by providing more space for socialising on his aircraft and improving the quality of both business and economy class travel.

“Go back to the 747. So many people talk about the golden days when the lounge was on the top deck, then you get lots of people who crunch the numbers saying ‘but we could actually put another 20 business class seats on the top deck’ and it slowly erodes what you can do. There has to be a middle ground and we think we have found that.”

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