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Herma Schmitz

Herma Schmitz: Empowering Executives and Organizations Through Impactful Coaching

In a world where adaptability and resilience are key to survival, the presence of skilled master coaches and management consultants is essential for businesses striving to thrive amidst uncertainty and change. With their expertise in leadership development, strategic planning, and organizational drift, master coaches and management consultants provide tailored solutions that drive sustainable growth and success. Their ability to offer impartial insights, facilitate constructive dialogue, and empower teams cultivates a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

As the digital world becomes a significant source of business and public seminars inspiring change in many people’s lives, a passionate consultant and speaker, Herma Schmitz, epitomizes the essence of master coaching and consultancy. Her journey from Germany, enriched by an MBA in international trade and shipping, reflects the transformative power of self-awareness and continuous learning.

Herma’s adeptness at effective communication across diverse scenarios, navigating varied industries, and embracing digital platforms underscores her commitment to nurturing positive change. Through public seminars and coaching sessions, she is inspiring change, promoting diversity and inclusion, and guiding emerging coaches and consultants.

As she continues to inspire through personal pursuits, Herma stands as the leading example for aspiring coaches seeking to make a meaningful impact in the corporate sector. Her remarkable story illustrates a woman who transformed challenges into opportunities, shaping a successful career in the world of master coaching and management consulting.

Let’s explore Herma’s journey to mastery:

From Logistics to Life Coaching

Herma hails from Germany and holds an MBA in international trade and shipping. She volunteered to move to New York to work for one of the largest logistics companies in the world at the time. After a year, she received a call from the top executive in Zurich informing her of a complaint lodged against her. She was accused of being arrogant and insensitive. Her superior

warned her that immediate action was necessary, or her future with the company would be in trouble.

A friend suggested that she enroll in a five-day intensive coaching program, which she could afford. The program proved to be a life-changing experience for her. It was more than just an eye-opener. Within the first hour, she realized that she was indeed arrogant but not insensitive. In fact, she was outright nasty. This was how she had survived in the shipping business as a woman.

She realized that she did not have to behave in this manner and began to abandon these old ways of being. She undertook a one-year intensive program and then started volunteering for the organization, receiving training in the process. She was captivated by the impact of the work and continued her participation even after she left the shipping business.

She transitioned into a career as a commercial real estate broker in Manhattan, specializing in prime Manhattan real estate and working with Western European companies. After years in real estate, she grew tired of the money game and decided to quit her job. She went on to establish a consulting and coaching company. The rest, as they say, is history.

Effective Communication in Diverse Scenarios

Herma has developed into a keen listener, understanding the issues of various companies by asking very direct questions. She recognizes that every situation is unique. She doesn’t make assumptions and can communicate effectively at all levels. She ensures that her clients are aware that she understands their situation and will deliver the desired results.

Navigating Diverse Industries

Herma’s years in the shipping business broadened her horizons, exposing her to numerous countries, cultures, and religions. This experience transformed her into a global citizen. In her subsequent career in commercial real estate, she worked with a wide range of industries and interacted with executives at the highest level. She honed her skills in navigating and mastering complex scenarios involving diverse groups of people over an extended period.

Adapting to the Digital World

Herma candidly admits that her various chamber memberships did not generate a significant number of clients. However, she quickly adapted to the power of the digital world, which subsequently became the largest source of their business.

Inspiring Change through Public Seminars

Herma began leading seminars for the public, a practice she continues to this day. She was captivated by the impact these seminars had on people and how they had benefited her personally. This endeavor became a means for her to make a significant difference in the lives of many people.

A Life Shaped by Coaching

As a result of her own coaching, Herma began to shape her life, engaging in activities that satisfied her sense of adventure and challenge. She transformed into an athlete, an accomplished sailor, and a skier, and she continues to relish a good challenge to this day. She is the antithesis of risk averse.

A Unique Perspective

Herma brings a unique perspective to the subject of diversity and inclusion. She coaches her clients to start relating to all people, with no one excluded. She emphasizes that every human being is unique, and there are no two people who are exactly alike. By opening their minds, her clients can discover the contributions that everyone can make in life and within their organization.

A Guide for Aspiring Coaches

In giving advice to aspiring coaches and consultants who aim to make a significant impact in the corporate world, she emphasizes the importance of practicing listening skills and ensuring that the conversation is about the client, not the coach. She encourages them to practice being interested in people and to allow themselves to be surprised by what they discover.