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Clicks Technology Launches Keyboard for iPhone from RM669

UK tech startup Clicks Technology has arrived in Malaysia to debut the Clicks Keyboard, a keyboard case designed for iPhones. This innovative case aims to enhance productivity with its tactile keys, lightweight design, and increased screen space for iPhone users.

The product’s development is guided by a team of seasoned tech industry professionals, including co-founders Michael Fisher (aka Mr. Mobile) and Kevin Michaluk (aka Crackberry Kevin), both well-known tech creators. The company is confident that the Clicks Keyboard will revolutionize the way people work on their iPhones.

Leveraging iOS’s extensive library of built-in shortcuts, the Clicks Keyboard functions seamlessly without additional software. It connects directly to your iPhone’s Lightning or USB-C port, acting as a wired keyboard. The case also supports passthrough charging, though wired CarPlay is only compatible with Lightning connectors.

In addition to physical typing, the Clicks Keyboard enables users to create shortcut keys for launching apps and running automations via the Shortcuts app. According to Clicks, the keyboard consumes minimal battery power from your iPhone, even with backlighting enabled—a claim we’ll verify upon receiving a review unit.

A significant focus of Clicks’ design is the case’s lightweight nature, ensuring it remains portable and pocket-friendly. The keyboard features a 0.2mm key travel, offering a typing experience reminiscent of Blackberry devices. The back of the keyboard area is finished with a leather surface, providing a comfortable grip.

The Clicks Keyboard for iPhone is exclusively distributed by Swap Asia in Malaysia. It is available for the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and all iPhone 15 series models. The case is priced at RM669 for 6.1-inch iPhone models and RM769 for the Pro Max models.