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AMD Introduces Advanced Ryzen PRO 8840 and PRO 8000G Series Processors

After introducing the Ryzen 8000G series processors and Ryzen 8840 series mobile processors, AMD has unveiled the corresponding “PRO” variants tailored for business clientele. These new parts feature AMD PRO Technologies, akin to previous PRO processors, alongside similar specifications as their non-PRO counterparts.

AMD’s focus has largely been on AI capabilities, with the Ryzen PRO 8000G series being the first desktop processors for business with an NPU (Neural Processing Unit), while the Ryzen PRO 8840 mobile processors offer enhanced Ryzen AI (NPU) functionalities compared to the Ryzen PRO 7840 series.

Although much of the discussion during the press briefing revolved around Microsoft Windows, AMD did release an XDNA Linux driver earlier this year to support Ryzen AI. However, it remains uncertain whether AMD will integrate this driver into the Linux kernel or reveal further user-space software support plans for Linux. The Linux compatibility of Ryzen AI functionalities remains unclear, and further updates from AMD are anticipated.

For those not closely monitoring the CPU landscape, the new Ryzen PRO 8040 series, like its non-PRO counterpart, features Zen 4 CPU cores, RDNA3 integrated graphics, and Ryzen AI (NPUs).

In terms of Windows performance, AMD highlights significant advantages of the Ryzen PRO 8040U over Intel Core Ultra “Meteor Lake”. My previous benchmarks comparing AMD non-PRO chips with Meteor Lake CPUs have shown similar outcomes (e.g., Intel Core Ultra 7 155H Meteor Lake vs. AMD Ryzen 7 7840U On Linux In 300+ CPU Benchmarks and Intel Meteor Lake Arc Graphics: A Fantastic Upgrade, Battles AMD RDNA3 Integrated Graphics). However, I currently lack the new PRO models for conducting benchmark tests.

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